Feel calmer, more centered, clearer and more well

We live in a wild world, I know, but the outside world doesn’t have to control your state of mind. When the craziness outside starts crawling inside your head affecting your health, your creativity and your peace of mind then it’s time to take a look at reducing stress and building the resilience of wellness.

Finding more peace, more joy and more satisfaction in life is my passion. I’ve studied practices from the ancients to the most modern approaches in order to thrive in our crazy world. With the opening of my new office in downtown Canton, I have the opportunity to better work with individuals and local businesses in sharing ways we can all enjoy health, wellness and a happier life.

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about suni

Years ago I was a very successful but not terribly satisfied executive. My career took a surprising shift and I found myself out of work. I had time to really explore what I wanted in my career. For the first time, I began to understand that happiness is so much more valuable than “success” and I began to build a life that brought me great joy and satisfaction.

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