I’ve got an exciting fall on the calendar. Click the name of the event for all the details. Events in blue require you to buy a ticket ahead of time to be sure of a seat.

Nov 19, Sound Immersion at Inner Whisper Studio- sold out.

Nov 23- be well- Beyond coffee and wine– natural suggestions to balance mood, boost energy- canceling this one for now.

A note about signing up ahead of time… I do get it. I understand that it’s tough to commit to a class ahead of time. But I have to commit too. I commit time, cost to rent space, to print materials and whatever. So if you don’t commit ahead of time, I have no idea how to prepare or if I should prepare. Sometimes I can cancel space rentals and not lose all the money. So if you can, get your tickets for classes ahead of time… maybe a whole week ahead? (grin)  If you can’t, message me so I know you’re planning to come. Classes with no signups get canceled, then day of class, I get messages, “WHY did you CANCEL? I wanted to come.” I get your side but wanted you to hear mine too.

Recent classes

Sept 28- be well- Self-care workshop– experience body, mind and spirit nurturing

Oct 5,  Elemental Wisdom– a day long workshop exploring the 5 elements (earth, air, water, fire and spirit) and how they can be used in many ways to improve your life.

Oct 12- be well-Quiet the inner critic workshop

Oct 13, 2-4pm,  Unwind your mind- Meditation workshop at Plent Family Farm

Oct 26- be well- Reinvent yourself workshop

Nov 9- be well- Mindful kindness workshop