unwind your mind workshop

Happy Summer Solstice! Take some time to celebrate your very important connection to nature with me for 2 hours of calming and grounding practices.  We have an idyllic location outdoors with the shelter of trees, the music of a creek and the watchful gaze of alpacas.

We will be in the alpaca’s pasture. They are quite clean animals (keeping their “waste” in only one spot in the field) and while curious, they may just watch us from their comfort zone. They do have an incredibly sweet, calm energy which I know will add to our time with them

At Plent Family Farm
7971 Market Ave N
Canton, Ohio 44721
Link to map
GPS brings you near but you might need the map to find parking lot.

Cost $25

We’ll be outdoors. Bring a yoga mat or cushion for ground sitting or maybe a folding chair if that suits you better. I will have spare mats and cushions.