We live in a wild world, I know, but the outside world doesn’t have to control your state of mind. When the craziness outside starts crawling inside your head affecting your health, your creativity and your peace of mind then it’s time to take a look at reducing stress and building the resilience of wellness.

In my practice at 405 Wellness, I focus on:

    • Corporate training bringing mindfulness training to your site or at our beautiful facility
    • Calming practices training including drop-in meditation times to practice calming skills and de-stress
    • Sound therapy – a healing, relaxing experience for individual plus monthly sound baths for groups
    • Energy healing, crystal therapy are skills that I often add to my work with clients
    • Workshops– classes to give you a chance to learn more about a variety of topics
    • Events– group meditations, sound baths and who knows what else will come up.