about suni

Living a deeply satisfying life is something that is real and attainable. Happy, satisfied people don’t live drowning in stress. They’ve found a solution and it’s not beyond everyone’s reach.

Years ago I was a very successful but not terribly satisfied executive. Now, I work with people to help them understand the dynamics of how our minds works . With a bit of training, our chaotic, challenging environments can change into places where we can work creatively and successfully without losing balance or our true natures.

My goal is to offer individuals and businesses access to training to experience wellness- managing stress, knowing how to find calm and to build balance in  life thru practicing new habits and exploring new paths.

I offer workshops every month at my office in downtown Canton OH. There are 3 drop-in calming practices groups that meet Tues, and Thurs over the lunch hour and Friday after work. I’m glad to bring training to your facility also.

Every training situation can be different. Feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas in getting your team de-stressed, inspired and smiling again.



Touch base with me.

(some of you may have known as su nimon in years gone by. I still answer to su, suni or hey friend. ? )