The resources page  offers some guided meditations, articles, video of mindfulness workshop and links to more online resource. Let’s start of with what’s new.

My wellness coaching practice is expanding. To help you learn more about wellness and areas you might want to focus on, I’m offering a free wellness survey.  Check it out.


Self-care in one minute

Got a minute? Practice these simple skills and you’ll be better prepared for the “surprises” that life can throw at you. We can’t remove stress from life, but we can learn to be more resilient in its presence.  Breathe, pause, then act.

5 minute non-coffee break

Your 5 minute non-coffee break, a short guided meditation using some practical tools to build habits to survive stress and thrive.


20 minute break with a bit of instruction and guided meditation including “manifesto of encouragement from Danielle LaPorte

10 minute or less meditation play list on my YouTube channel

Unwind- Sunday night  group play list
I’ll be posting videos on YouTube on Sunday nights around 7pm. Wander thru the library at your convenience. Different topics or meditation styles weekly. Length- from 5 – 30 minutes.

Meditation 101- notes from basic class
When anyone attends one of my groups or training sessions, I send them home with some notes. We’ve all been in that position of totally enjoying a training session but realizing the next day that we couldn’t recall the details. I like to give you the details because your meditation practice is just that… yours. You have to be able to use this amazing tool as you need it. There will be more coming soon. For now I give you this handout that everyone in my groups receives.

30 ways to mindfulness
Adding mindfulness practice to your day doesn’t have to feel like ONE MORE THING?! There are so many easy ways you might add mindfulness to your day or to your family’s day. Here’s a list of 30-something ideas to help get you started.

Mindfulness 101– a basic overview of mindfulness (23 minutes)
I sometimes teach at corporations to help people learn how to calm themselves and live life with more awareness and less stress. This video gives you a little preview of that basic class.

Visit Suni Moon youtube channel for all video. 

Course available on my public calendar for 2019