training / coaching

My goal is to help the world calm down. One way I can help is by teaching skills that we can all use to thrive in our world today.

Mindfulness is one of the powerful tools I teach to calm  mind and body.  I present mindfulness in practical, easy to learn and use way. I also work with breathing, self-compassion, positive visualization, getting out in nature, staying in the moment, effective change techniques and more. All simple practices that reduce stress, support calm clarity and build healthier habits in life. I want people to have a variety of tools to work with then they can choose what will work best in their lives.

From offering a one-time presentation on wellness or mindfulness to developing a wellness program for your team, I want to be that resource to bring fresh insights, teach valuable tools and offer new perspectives to your team.

I offer coaching in several ways:  a free Facebook group, a members-only plan (coming soon), and coaching for individuals and small groups. If you don’t see an option that works for you, drop me a note and we’ll see about other creative possibilities.

Course topics available for groups

Sound bathA healing, calming experience where Tibetan and crystal bowls shift the vibration of your body, and drums heal and calm your mind.