My passion is to help people connect with their power in body, mind and spirit. My classes are a response to a stressful life that can sometimes feel chaotic. Learning skills which can calm, ground and reduce stress is certainly in order. These classes are already on my public calendar for 2019

Topics for classes or presentations- The cost of a class or presentation depends on length of class, the size of the group, materials needed and travel requirements. Contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Unwind your mind- Using meditation in new ways in all areas of life to release stress, renew clarity and creativity and bring more fun and satisfaction to life. simple practices to calm and de-stress your world. A practical approach to mindfulness meditation, including the science of how meditation can improve health and life,  some basic knowledge about meditation and how to start a practice. Classes include plenty of practice time.

Mindfulness in Action- Mindfulness is a popular form of meditation. Where you might imagine sitting to meditation, mindfulness is a sort of “on the go” or “as you need it” sort of tool to me. In this workshop, we’ll explore a variety of ways to practice mindfulness. It’s the practice that makes new skills become habits. You’ll be amazed at how many ways you can incorporate mindfulness into your day. You’ll go home with a long list of ideas to try because we’ll never get to them all in class.

Mindfulness for anxiety and stress or Mindfulness for loss and grief-  We explore mindfulness with a special focus on how meditation might become one of the tools that you might use to deal with the pain  in our lives.

Holistic self-care experience- Learn skills in self care that you can do at home- self massage, qigong (moving meditation), aromatherapy, relaxing with sound, guided journeying and a cup of hot tea. All practices to help you enhance your self-care any time you need to.

Quieting the inner critic-
We live in a critical world but no one is tougher on you than you. This inner critic takes a lot of your energy and resilience. It can even rob you of success in new ventures and accomplishing change.  The inner critic is a habit that you can overcome. Learn some new approaches to switching from critic to coach and be amazed at what you can do!!

Reinvent yourself- small adjustments with big results.
We are amazing people but past experiences that didn’t go so well for us can really affect your self-perception. It’s time to try on some new ideas to refresh your self-image and allow you to approach life with a new point of view.  Explore habitual thinking patterns, how we comfort ourselves, and how with some new skills, you can make small changes that have big results in your life.

Mindful Kindness-
Our crazy world calls us to great kindness for ourselves and others. Extending kindness and compassion to ourselves can feel like a new skill. But with a bit of practice, we can learn to practice mindfulness to comfort and calm ourselves, building energy and resilience to face life with a smile.

Beyond coffee or wine-
No one is suggesting you give up your coffee or wine.  We have, however, become a society where we choose additives to adjust our mood. Sometimes your body is really asking for something else. We will explore new ways to support your body chemistry with natural suggestions to help you balance mood, boost energy and reward yourself in healthier ways.

Here’s a brochure with classes listed

Classes already on my public calendar for 2019