I am a wealthy woman

DLP_006566smSqI am sad that our country is so money motivated. Many of the issues that I feel are crises in our world today seem to be greed motivated. Money, money, MONEY!!

Recently, a conversation with friend and author Gary Sirak* reminded me that wealth isn’t only about money. Thanks Gary for the jumping off point.
What do you want out of life?  If you think it’s money… then I might challenge you to look further.  Is it the things, the security, the prestige that you think money will buy?  Do you see yourself as a different person… or wonder if you’re perceived as a different person if you’re wealthy?  Do you really think that money will buy you happiness?  Take a poll if you can… or trust me on this… lots of people with lots of money will be the first to tell you that the money doesn’t make them happy.
Of course, if you feel like your basic needs aren’t being met, then a bit more money could ease the pain. I understand that one- been there done that. But the way out of your pain isn’t necessarily winning the lottery. The way out could be a change in perspective.
Rather than focusing on the thing that you think is missing, try thinking about a joyful, full life.  Don’t let the “yeah but…” comments stop you.  Just visualize where you want to be.  I’m not talking so much about specific “things”, I’m talking about feelings.  How would you feel if you were living your perfect life?  Imagine waking up every day feeling calm, safe and enthusiastic about what the day will bring.
Without worrying about “what if’s”, what would you like to accomplish?  Are you the sort of person who lives to help others?  Do you long to have a creative outlet?  Do you wish for a bit more time for yourself?  Want to commune with nature more?  Desire more love in your life?  Want to learn more about ____?  Even if your vision of the ultimate you is a deep seated desire to race Porsches, you can play this game too.
And with these visuals on what you’d like to do/be in mind… how would it feel if you were doing these things? Now I’m challenging you a bit to stretch your imagination.  I’m not looking for “oh, it would feel nice”… I want you, in your mind, to immerse yourself in your dream.  Imagine how it sounds, smells, feels, looks.  Picture yourself enjoying… participating… creating… loving… even racing if that’s your passion!  And in your imagination, there is not a bit of room for anything but savoring these dreams.
Why do I ask this of you? Well… try this on for size. Thoughts are energy. You know that medical science can attach an electrode to your head and measure brain activity… so thinking is energy. Do you want this energy that’s lighting up your brain to be positive or negative? Worrying about what you Don’t Want to have happen is negative energy. Focusing on visualizing the best results is positive energy. Which sounds like more fun to you?
So now comes the part that sounds like “magic” to some. To some people, magic is a fine term… but to others, it sounds like airy-fairy nonsense. So first I’ll state the magic, then I’ll try to offer a bit of concrete explanation to you who need it.
I have found in my life, that I have been able to change my life by changing how I think.  Simply put, thinking about what I want to have happen seems to encourage those things to happen.  I spend my time thinking about what I want to come to pass.  Now, I don’t wile away the hours daydreaming… I do this for a couple minutes in the morning and again in the evening. And I try to stay aware during the day to keep my thinking on the positive side. I put my thinking energy into positive thoughts for me and for others.
There is a scientific basis for my “think happy thoughts, people” mentality. It is based on the Double Slit Experiments** which have been conducted by physicists since the early 1900’s (and even before.) The field of quantum physics grew from these experiments. Quantum Physics, simply put, is a type of  physics of the atomic and subatomic levels which means it’s the study of the very, very small. Normal physics do not apply at this level.
And before I lose you by going too far into the technical, these experiments taught scientists that their expectations of the results of the experiment controlled the results of the experiments. What?  Yes, a laboratory of white coated researchers discovered that they could effect the results of the experiment with their thoughts. When I learned this, I thought… “this is big news people, why haven’t I ever heard of this?” And I don’t know why except perhaps that quantum physics isn’t always the most exciting topic for party chatter? 😉
But more recently, these concepts learned so long ago are becoming more palatable through the Law of Attraction movement. There are lots of teachers out there today trying to help us understand that our thoughts have great power to change our lives.***
So, I’ve worked hard to change my habits in thinking.  I do focus on believing, visualizing, talking and writing about the amazing things that can come to all of us.  I’ve been doing this for about 10 years. My life today is totally different than it used to be… in the best of ways.  My dreams are coming true. And if that’s not wealth, I’m not sure what is.
much love in the new year,
ps. next time I’ll share with you what my Step 2 is.
* Gary Sirak’s new book, “If Your Money Talked… What Secrets Would It Tell?” has been recently published. I have read it and found it an insightful, enjoyable read. Check it out at http://www.ifyourmoneytalked.com/
** More details about the Double Slit Experiments
http://www.bottomlayer.com/bottom/notebook.html – my friend Ross Rhodes was the first one to explain the Double Slit Experiments to me. While he’ll tell you that he hasn’t updated this site in years, it’s still an interesting resource.
*** My favorite Law of Attraction teacher is Mike Dooley. For years, Mike has sent out daily emails to people all over the world, encouraging them to believe his mantra, “Thoughts become things… choose good ones.” Mike’s emails and books are a great place to start if you want to explore the Law of Attraction simply.

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  1. Thank you for the mention. It is quite flattering to say the least. I enjoyed your blog, it might be the first one that I actually finished. You are so right about the money not bringing happiness. I know plenty of happy wealthy people who have figured this out. It is not rocket science which is good because that was not one of my strong subjects. It is having passion and a reason to live, learn,and love. Hope this makes some sense.

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