Should I just be tougher?

dsc_5942-x2su-doorsmSomething totally unexpected happened this week. Someone took a swing at my business in hopes of harming us and our reputation.
Yep, get over yourself, Mary Sunshine… Shit happens. (and no, I’m not going to talk about the details of what happened at this point.)
I find the process interesting when something like this happens. I swing from “well, we’ll just rise above it” to “just wait until I find out who did this!” Peace maker to commando and back again… and again.
And while the process isn’t complete… I’m trying to settle into the middle somewhere, hurrying towards “picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off” and getting on with the business of business.
We often talk about the downtown community, the arts district as a whole… but when something like this happens, I wonder what kind of community this is, if in fact it is one at all. I would hope as a community, that if someone takes exception to something I do, or questions a business practice, they might stop in and talk it out…or even yell it out with me. But to just go directly to a higher authority to get the proverbial boom dropped on me with no warning just stinks. Maybe I just need to be tougher. Maybe I need to not give a damn about this “community.”
But at this point, I’m clinging to the value of community. I made a commitment to this community back in 2007 so I’m not going to let one crank mess with my dreams.
So I won’t get tougher… but I will get smarter. I’ll work harder, cleaner and be a better neighbor so that the gallery and the community might see greater success.
And I’m really going to try to walk away from this experience with a renewed commitment to shine brighter and to remember to always have the backs of my neighbors as most of them have mine.
And to the one who decided to throw us under the bus? Good luck with karma.

15 Replies to “Should I just be tougher?”

  1. How could ANYONE find issue with you or JAG?! Some jerks just want to be haters. Karma will get them in the end. You know that, Su!

  2. I’m always amazed when people do things intentionally to hurt others. When that happens to me I just fight harder.

  3. I don’t know what happened….but I really love your gallery and all of the creative things going on. Just want to lend a little support!

  4. i understand how this feels. It really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Someone complained because they felt it was the right thing to do. We may never know what the inspiration behind it was. That doesn’t really matter, does it? Perhaps someone did you a favor. We are still living and vibrant humans… Something that small can’t change that…

    1. Yes, oh wise one. I do know you’re right. Planning to work on walking away from the cruddy feeling and face tomorrow fresh. And in the grand scheme of things, this is really just a smallish pile of poop. I’m fine and do so appreciate your friendship. More yoga… less shit. Got it!! 😉

  5. Yuk, Su – that person sucks. Of course whatever it is they did to your business hurts and causes you more work, time and frustration that I’m sure you’d rather not spend, the worst part is that they did it at all. Could they perhaps have been the TEENIEST bit jealous of your success?? I have no sage advise because we have a family business that has had periodic “intentional set backs,” and it just sucks. But you’ll win out because you were raised right, and I love ya <3 🙂

    1. Thanks Ann. I know anyone in business has had these things happen. I realize it could have been much worse. It’s just frustrating and sad but the show goes one. I’m so glad for your presence in my life still. And I love you too!!

  6. i read this post on my dear friend Renie’s site…..just keep on keeping on. We need small business owners like you and renie.
    Keep on keeping on, who knows what’s in this AWFUL persons mind, just a trouble,aker and probably a jealous one at that, because they are unhappy and don’t enjoy the work they do or the job they have. But be careful whatever you do…….always remember there are some crazy freaks out there!!!!
    Vicki Hall

  7. I feel for you and know you are hurt, but I have no doubt that you will rise above whatever the issue is. You’re just that way–always putting your best out there, good intentions, love and light, art and beauty–nobody can shade your light. Not even the POS AH DB DA FF that caused all this stress! (I censored myself…) Love you Su!

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