I guess speed is relative?

Somedays, I’m frustrated with how slow I am to accomplish this or that. My mind goes so fast and the list of projects I long to work on is long, detailed and really quite lovely. If you could only see in my head…. 😉
FB reminded me this morning that 1 year ago I was in Ccharlestonsc0515harleston, SC. This was the beginning of my trip down the coast to explore wearable art galleries. I was trying to decide if this area of expression was still valid and did I want to explore adding wearable art back into my portfolio. Our current gallery was lovely but not very profitable. I had learned that managing a gallery leaves very little time to work as an artist. For a creative person… this stinks. But I had hoped to build something wonderful that would be good for the artists and the community. After a bit, that wore thin, and I missed making stuff.
I got totally inspired on that trip. I saw some amazing wearable art galleries and boutiques. It had been several years since I worked in textiles but I was dreaming about the wonderful creations I could make. With the support of gallery partners and friends, we added a wearables boutique 8 months ago and 4 months ago transitioned from traditional gallery back to just studio space showing mostly the work of artist Judi Krew and myself.
So yes, there’s so much I haven’t gotten done… but dang, we’ve come a long way in 8 months. I guess maybe I need to let go of my concerns about speed, as change is everywhere and really very fun! Feeling grateful… and would still like to explore Charleston more. But no time now… there’s fashion to make. 😉 ❤

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