Beautiful transformation? Sounds good!

Several months ago, an image with this quote appeared on my Facebook page. “May the next few months be a period of magnificent transformation.”
magnificent-transformationsYou know how sometimes you see something and think, “That’s nice.” And other times the phrase grabs you gently by the nape of the neck and exerts just a bit of pressure. As a momma cat might grab a kitten saying, “Now, will you listen?”
So I printed out the picture and hung it on the fridge. Unlike other things that hang on my fridge and only get noticed annually, this stayed in my head.
First I asked, “Why does this seems so important to me?” Is there something I do need to change? ( Yes, here is where I can insert HAHAHA! as of course, there are things that I need to or wish to change.) Hmmm… eat better, more exercise, more reading, less computer, more play, manage money, more focused work times, less worry, less anxiety, less stress, more laughter… yes, I could go on and on.
I wrote the above paragraphs 5 months ago. About 2 months ago, I closed my gallery. It had been a beautiful experiment I started 9 years ago. I learned a lot from the experience but it had gotten to the point where I was working really hard to barely (rarely) break even. One morning I woke up with the thought, “You need an exit plan” blasting in my head. Now, “exit plan” isn’t something I think I’ve ever said so I’m not sure which spiritual entity to thank for that message. But I acted on it. Like right away. I knew in my bones it was time.
I made the announcement. Sold as much of the stuff there as I could and wanted to and moved the huge amount of stuff to my little house. Then I sat for about 5 weeks. I intended to get right to work, arranging, sorting, painting, sewing…. but I sat. I did get some business done, new logo, new website but most of the time I sat. I choose to call this decompression from massive burnout.
Today, I feel maybe “normal.” I’m sorting thru the piles. I’m inspired to begin painting and designing clothing again. I can see the path to a brighter future and I believe I’m on it. I sleep well. My blood pressure is lower. I’m cooking healthy meals. My expenses are cut by about 70%. I’ve got a month long sabbatical in CostaRica coming up (and it’s paid for.) How’s that all for magnificent transformations?
So my point?
Put this pic on your fridge. I think it’s magic.
Sending light and love, joy and peace.
have fun!!

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