Is it time for change?

Found my path

Did you ever realize that it’s time for a change?
I hope so!!!!

The time when I realize things are out of whack isn’t so uncomfortable anymore. The itchy, antsy feeling that something is off, that feeling is becoming a friend. That “I’m a bit sideways” edge is the announcement that it’s time!!! Time to re-evaluate, time to pitch the blinders, time to throw it all up in the air and see how things float back to earth.
These times of regrouping aren’t devastating. Sometimes the changes aren’t even noticeable to anyone else. I’m lucky in that by living alone, I can rock my world and from the outside, people might not even see what’s new. But I know.
I sense the changes. I feel myself pry my feet out of the muck and choose a new, fresh path. I know the lightness that choice brings. It’s like springtime, only in my case, it’s the end of October.
I get to shake off the crap that’s not working. I get to quit kidding myself about whatever has become a yoke. I get to choose. Perhaps I get to be an adult but it all feels more like being 5 and running off into the playground to jump on a swing.
Got anything you need to change? Don’t let that fact weigh you down. Take it as an invitation to a party. Making a new choice, setting a new direction isn’t drudgery… it’s freedom. You aren’t a prisoner, you are the warden! You have all the keys.
Take a deep breath this morning and set out fresh. Changes, teeny or momentous, are your friends.
Maybe it’s time for your change too?

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