Boundless energy

Did the title catch your eye? I meet people in my practice every day who wish for more energy. When we watch a child playing with wild abandon, I believe a common comment is often “if we could only bottle that.”
I do believe we can build energy in our bodies and in our lives. And I’m not selling some new supplement or even a book (yet ? .) But before I explain my concept, lets first talk a bit more about energy.
Some of you know that I work as an energy healer among other talents. The energy I often talk with clients about is more than the energy to fuel the physical antics of a child. I’m more interested in life force energy which goes deeper and has greater power than just the visible, physical expression.
Life force energy, some call chi, qi or prana is studied, mapped and manipulated by many ancient medical systems. From the energy meridians of traditional Chinese medicine, through the chakras of Ayurvedic practices and beyond… energy is about being alive and well.
Here is where you might expect me to suggest you visit some alternate therapy practitioner for some help with your life force energy levels. I could… but I won’t. Instead, allow me to explain how building this energy is something you can take on all alone, in the comfort of your own home. The idea might involve some changes in your day or even your thought processes (horrors!! haha!) but building positive energy levels can begin very simply.
I’ve been working with clients seeking energy and bodywork for decades. That’s thousands of stories that I’ve heard, thousands of people I hoped to help. Their challenges are as varied as humans can be, always interesting and sometimes perplexing. Helping people feel better physically and energetically is always a bit like a puzzle to me. “Why is this shoulder hurting… which muscle is too tight or which tendon is inflamed? What is causing the problem?” is a typical line of thinking as I work with people day after day. Sometimes the dialog might sound more like, “I wonder if they sleep well? Diet sounds lacking in fresh things? Muscles and skin feel dehydrated?” At the end of our sessions, I make suggestions for stretching and sometimes diet, exercise and hydration that I think might help my client live stronger, happier and more painfree.
As the years have passed by, I’ve come to see that my suggestions have begun to sound very familiar. These are the ideas I want to share with you today. I’m going to suggest changes that might help you have more energy, even though we may have never met. How can I do such a thing? Easy, because these suggestions are good for most everyone and so many people don’t understand the importance some simple changes can make on their life force energy, vitality and even mood.
1- breathing
2- hydration
3- movement
4- sleep
5- thinking happy thoughts
I have learned that you, the reader, has limited time to spend here with me. So at this point, I will pause. You might innately know that of these five basic necessities of life, maybe you’ve been negligent in the regard of one or more.
Hint… taking a long, deep breath always makes you feel better.
Hint… coffee and beer will not hydrate your body.
Hint… typing at a keyboard is not sufficient movement.
Hint… if you feel like falling asleep at inappropriate times and places, perhaps your night time sleep needs some attention.
Hint… just think happy thoughts. It helps whether you believe me or not.
Over the next couple weeks, I’ll blog more about each of these ideas. In the meantime, take a deep breath, go fill your water bottle, take a walk, consider an afternoon nap if you need it (it IS Saturday, after all) and try to imagine a bright future for yourself and those you love.
have fun!!

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