Be the parade?

It’s parade day in Canton Ohio. For those of you who aren’t local, Canton is the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. We’re in midst of the annual HOF celebration and this morning is the big parade complete with bands, lovely women and men marching and waving, plus there are lots of those big, floaty balloons. Yippee!  Or not?

I’m not a go-to-the-parade kinda person. It’s just a lot a people and a lot of time standing still for me. But the thought occurred to me that even if we don’t go to parades, could we be a parade?

While you might think the people in the parade are just saying “look at me!!” but perhaps that’s not really it. Each of these participants, down to the ones holding the ropes on the big balloons, are playing a small role in an event that is much bigger than them. Could the event go on without them… well, perhaps, but (especially with those balloon folks), someone’s got to do it!

So you might not be one of the young women in gowns and crowns waving from a float, or some grey-haired football dude smiling in the back seat of a convertible. But you are part of an event way bigger than just you.

Could life, our world and all that big-picture stuff be your parade in a sense? Are you important to how your “parade” turns out? I think yes

You, whatever you are  doing, are playing a part in the larger energy of life. Stand up straight, smack a pleasant look on your face and maybe consider smiling at the world as it goes by. One of those gentle, queenly waves is optional.

Have fun

Thanks Tracey Kenard, Cuppa “T” Photography for the images and  inspiration.

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