02/02/2020 means… ?

Magnificence, by me

The year of the woo woo? I’ve mentioned to a few friends that this is my year to not avoid sharing, experiencing or teaching a practice because it seems too “out there” for the land I find myself dwelling in. So, this is one of those opportunities.

Tomorrow can be a really significant day for each of us. No, not because it’s GroundHog Day nor do I have any interest in the Stupor Bowl (personal bias, forgive me). It’s more the significance of the date itself. 02/02/2020. At least in the parts of the world that might express a date that way, 02/02/2020 is a palindrome, “a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backward as forward.” Racecar is a palindrome as is the phrase “was it a cat I saw?” Dates as palindromes are a rare occurrence. The next one for us will be 03/03/3030.

Beyond its oddity or uniqueness, why am I giving the date significance? Well, it’s more intuitive than anything. We are living in a time of great change. Energy levels are rising, possibilities are opening up. The veil between the “real world” and the unseen are growing thinner.

For me (and for many to sense and study such things) this time offers a great opening for each of us to step forward. It is a time to finally take action to make your dreams come true. Or if you’ve been knocking on that door you see as your future but can never get an opening, perhaps it’s time to be open to new possibilities. I know personally that it is time to step out of fears and to be willing to leave behind those things that do not serve me.

02/20/2020 is a sort of energetic doorway, just one of many opportunities that are before us in the near future to take a deep breath and believe. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, embrace your power and let go of the crap that’s dragging you down.

So between checking up on Punxsutawney Phil and settling in to gaze at the big screen, I encourage you to sit down with yourself. Take a deep breath and make time for that small (or large) ritual that you do. You might journal, light a candle, meditate or hike in the woods. Use the time to ponder this opening, this doorway to what is to come. Breathe in the possibilities of what is to come and how you can help bring the goodness on to you and to the world. Don’t fall for the negativity of the news that we can drown in. Promise yourself to not make decisions out of fear. Believe in your brighter future. Analyze that changes you might need to make. Consider paths that aren’t working out for you and how you might adjust your vision to move ahead. Drink pure water, ask your crystals for their light, pray to God/Goddess or jump on the back of your spirit guide (mine is large enough to ride) and journey in your mind to a better brighter future.


And if you find making this time for your small ritual helpful… do it again tomorrow. Happy 02/02/202… and wishing continued joy everyday to come.
have fun
💜ps. If woo woo is your chosen language, you might visit AnnaMerkaba’s blog on this subject. I know nothing about her other than I stumbled across it today and found it encouraging.

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