How are you?

How are you? I don’t offer any details here about disease, rules, stats or forecasts. What I am here for is to say, “How are you?”

Social distancing for health was a shock to me. Now, you might not know me so let me tell you a bit. I’m the introvert’s introvert. I can function socially and must to teach and lead but given a choice, I almost always choose, ✔️ Hide at home.

Given that knowledge, I didn’t think social distancing would bother me. But it’s the reason for the distancing that was upsetting. There’s worry for others, for myself. Decisions to make about what classes to cancel, should I see individual clients, what will this all do to my income?  It took me almost a week to get my bearings, to feel grounded and centered again. I meditated, took baths, cleaned my house, read books. All that was needed. But after a period of that self-care/healing, it was the realization of how I could help that got me propped back up again.

So, I’m back. I’m feeling better, hopeful and purposeful again. How are you?

If you haven’t found your groove yet, here are some healing suggestions that might help.

Rest– get your sleep as best you can. If you can’t sleep all night, schedule a nap or three

Eat– feed your body nutritious food. These are times to fuel your body’s natural healing power and the immune system.

Move– While many businesses are closed, the parks are not. Being in nature, even on a brisk day is wonderful for you- body, mind and spirit. Trees have a very real healing energy that will calm and support you. Go find a nice big tree, wrap your arms around it or lean your back up against it and breathe. Maybe even have a conversation with that wise, old being. I learn a lot from trees, but often talk to them in my mind. Helps avoid some frightened stares from passers-by

Clean or organize– getting your home/space/ things in order is a sort of power. While we might feel everything is out of our control, our personal space is not. Order can be very comforting.

Help others– nothing like a good dose of other people’s challenges to make your life look fine. There are many in need right now and there are great ways to help out. Check for community pages on social media. Or contact some of your favorite non-profits and ask if they need help.

Meditate– meditation comes in many forms and packages. If you think you can’t, well, you just haven’t tried the right practice for you. But stillness is an amazing healer so check into local resources for meditation, mindfulness, Qigong, Tai Chi or yoga.

I am doing meditation on FB, 4x per week. Check me out if you’re interested. 

So, I hope you’re well enough… or moving towards well or visualizing the best. I am all those things.

Sending light and love!!

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