2020- a higher perspective

If you read through this, bear in mind that I’m not placing myself in some position of authority at all. I have lived my life with this sense ever since childhood that I’m here to help the world to recover, grow and heal. I believe we are now in that time. There is much work to do. I’m sharing what I’ve learned, what is helping me and some resources. May it inspire you, encourage you, lift you to this next level.
with great love

It is so important to remember that you are energy, that our world is energy, all vibrating at different, shifting frequencies. Some frequencies support our finer qualities as humans- compassion, love, empathy, hope. These higher aspects of us are truly what 2020 is all about. There are many of you who are frightened by our transforming world.  Popular media isn’t helping you see the light in all this. So, let me turn up the volume a bit on a different perspective. Here’s my take on our transforming world. I’m not alone in seeing the 2020 energy this way. 1

There are many of us who see 2020 as a time of global awakening. Yes, there is a pandemic, a virus that is causing death and suffering. Along side it are the  powerfully visible examples of racism erupting across our planet. Both of these powerful shifts are showing us the cracks, the failings, a clearer vision of the inequities in this world we’ve built.

Here’s where the beginning of the shift comes. If we view our situation only from the mind, we think, think, think about what to do. We’re faced with seeing that we live in a world where our governments don’t seem to care for all of us and they aren’t acting in ways that seem to be improving the world’s condition. Our planet is in crisis environmentally. We are now aware that our medical services aren’t prepared nor are they the optimal choice in preserving our health and wellness. I can go on, but that’s empowering the fear. There are power struggles, greed and fear rampant in our world and our minds can’t find a solution. So some choose to band together, choosing the us vs. them scenario to try to preserve their existence.

Our answers will not be found by thinking and can never be found in divisiveness. Our solutions lie in our hearts. Compassion,  empathy, love, hope are where our solutions lie. We were all born into a world that valued money, power, celebrity but this new world that we’re birthing knows that the true power is in love. Moving from head to heart, opening ourselves to one another, and to the oneness of life.

Many are focused on our government here in the US. They speak with great disdain or in glowing support. Consider for a moment, that you are not a citizen of the US. Open your scope to see that you are a citizen, a subject even, of the Earth. Let’s go a bit further and remember that we are part of a vast universe. filled with life, planets and beings that we are not aware of yet. We might have been trained to see ourselves as on this side or that, as being powerless subjects of rulers, as being part of an us vs. them battle. Let that idea go.

I encourage you to step back and
let the light shine on you,
to relax your fears and
open your eyes and heart.

Do you understand that while it is hard to quantify numbers but it is thought that by 2100 the over 60% human population of the world will have black or brown skin? If you are of the us vs. them contingent, that might make you afraid. It should not. But for those who protect their power by keeping the masses in fear, they are desperately trying to cling to the old power structure where money, power, whiteness, maleness made one worthy of being honored. Those in favor feel safe when they take action to ensure that their seat at the top of the mountain stays safe.

But there is no seat, there is no top, as the world is shifting. When we begin living from our hearts, we know that treating one human unkindly while we honor another is wrong. We know that desecrating our planet for money is folly. We know our financial system is looking more and more like a house of cards. Those who honor the old paradigms are the ones who are truly frightened. They are scrambling, struggling, battling to cling to the old but failing system.

Relax my friends. The old system is falling away but the our planet, including so many of us is going to thrive in ways we might never have imagined. There is a change happening all around us. You can listen to the media and wrap yourself in fear, huddling in a closet, visualizing negative outcomes and praying things go back to “normal.” They will not.

Normal… the old way is not sustainable, not for humans, plants, animals, or our Earth. New is needed and now it is time. If you see the President of our country as an ultimate power, then you might bow down to him, believe him and embrace the fear he creates. But honestly, he’s such a tiny piece in all that is happening. He is one of the last vestiges of the old world, very loudly clinging to preserving the way that honors money, power and prestige over all.

There is so much more than this country or that leader. We are part of a Universe filled with other planets, beings, entities, spirits, ancestors and more that I have no comprehension of yet. But what I do know about all that is the Universe is love. That’s it… love. And the power of universal love is indomitable… it cannot lose.

Most of us see ourselves as our bodies. We identify with our brains. We value how well our brain works. We honor what our body looks like. We establish our worth based on our things. But we are not bodies, we are spirit. We are spiritual beings who chose to come to earth, inhabiting a body so we might interact with this world. And when our bodies fail, our spirit goes on. I’m not talking about any particular religion here, I’m just talking about the world of spirit. When your spirit and my spirit are done here on earth, we return to the spiritual realm where we are embraced by the one love that we have always been a part of. We don’t remember coming from something else but we did.

The oneness we came from, that we will always be part of is…. well, there are many terms. You might choose to call the oneness god or goddess (using upper or lower case G’s, your call). You might see the ultimate power of the universe as source, as the universal consciousness, the I AM, the OM, the universe, the light. All these terms are expressing this power that is truly in charge and this power, not our president is directing this shift in the planet.

So 2020 is the beginning of this global awakening. It took this virus and a new visibility of racial violence to make many people begin to open not just eyes but open their hearts. Awakening is a simple transition truly. It is when we begin to think with our hearts. We begin seeing fear as a fake way of controlling others. We begin releasing the us vs. them concept. We learn to open then embrace the fact that we are one. You and I, black, brown and those paler… all one. Plants, animal, rocks, water… all one. This planet and the others that we have not discovered or experienced… all one.

Awakening is a choice and it’s a simple choice. The choice takes some getting used to but it is do-able, just practice. Awakening is letting go of what was. Awakening is learning to step away from your busy, perhaps panicked mind, and sinking down into the heart, the gut. Listening there to your higher wisdom, your connection to the oneness. Instead of pondering fear, ponder the wonder, the vast openness. Approach everything…. every thing with love. Rather than huddling in fear, stand up and walk out into our world shining your love. Share positivity, hope and love with those who haven’t found theirs yet. Try to embrace the fact that you came here to love.

We all came here to be a part of this awakening. If you’re alive, you chose to be part of this wonder. Don’t waste your time fearing or hating. I’m not fond of our President but believe he chose to come here to play the role he is playing to bring change. I’m relatively sure he’s not aware of that, nor would I think it helpful to share this insight with him. Instead, I share these insights with those who are seeking the light.

Each of us can play a role in the 2020 awakening. We can boost the love, open our hearts, remember we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience.  We can turn off the popular media and find more encouraging resources. We can practice calming ourselves, listening to our higher wisdom then taking action to help others. We can wrap ourselves in positivity and shine like beacons for those still feeling a bit lost in the darkness of fear.

You were made for these times. I know I am made for these times. You are here to play an important role in birthing this new world. It’s not going to happen overnight. We’ll see another 2-3 years of global experiences like we’ve seen this year that will push more to open their hearts. By 2024, the cracks in the old world will be painfully clear. There will be no more “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” We will all see clearly this world we’ve built. That’s a wonderful thing as then more will be ready to rebuild. More eyes and hearts will be open and awakened to the oneness, the love. By 2030, we will be amazed at how the world is changing for the better. Some say it will take until 2050 to see this new world in all her light and loveliness. So… it takes time.

Want to play your part? You already are by taking the time to read ALL this. Thank you for that.  Now take a deep breath and visualize this more beautiful world, where we know that love must be honored over all. This planet we are birthing can recover environmentally. We will see how those in need deserve our help and compassion. We won’t live in fear, hiding our resources but will share with those around us. Food, housing and medical care will be unlocked so all can live a full, well life. Visualize this good with me. When you listen to the news too much, stop yourself. Take a deep breath, wrap your arms around yourself and allow your attention to sink down into your heart. Visualize the love, then step out and live that way.

It’s a process. We have so much to relearn and to remember. Boost the power of awakening by opening your heart and dropping the fears. Flush all the us vs. them energy and find your helpful, loving self. Boost those things that you want to see in our new world. Empower the positives and share them with those who are struggling. Rather than tearing down the negatives, build up the positives. Don’t tell me what you’re against… tell me what you love.

I’ll stop now. This might go on and on and on. I do want to share this one more thing… these ideas aren’t mine alone. I came into this world with a vision that I would help erase the us vs. them mentality. That vision while I never understood how I could do such a thing,  led me to study all my life. In the references that follow are people that mentor and inspire me. They aren’t the only ones.

Seek the light. Find the hope. Shine your love. We can birth this new world. We must. It is time. You are ready.

If you need support in your awakening, there are many resources and I am one. I offer classes, groups, social media encouragement and more. Visit SuniMoon.net or find me on Facebook and Instagram. Some workshops have a fee but I offer a lot of encouragement and experiences for no charge. Join me.

1- Resources, mentors, guides, channelers. There are many of us standing together, encouraging the world forward. Here are a few that I follow. Some of these people/energies I have been guided by for many years and a few are newer to me. Explore, enjoy, learn.

Lee Harris is a teacher, channeler, intuitive healer that I’ve followed for over 10 years. You can learn with him at LeeHarrisEnergy.com    I am particular inspired by a recording Lee made in late March of this year.  Here’s a snipper of that presentation. The Activation of Planetary Awakening: 2020-2030 (Channeled Message)

East Forest and Ram Dass– There are many teachers from the east that I have learned from. But recently, I’ve been so encouraged by this one album that shares with us original music and the sweet, gentle words that Ram Dass chose to share with the world before his passing. I thank East Forest for conceiving and bringing this amazing encouraging tool to life.
Ram Dass (2019) – FULL Album by East Forest, Ram Dass

Paul Selig is a channeler I just met in the past year who has boosted my vision in amazing ways. I’m not sure where to suggest you might start if you’re drawn to him. I read “The Book of Worth and Knowing” first. I’m now in “The Book of Love and Creation” which was published earlier. Selig’s work came into the public eye in 2010. Since then he and his channeling entities have been very prolific. His website might be a good place to start but I found his audio books available thru my local library.  PaulSelig.com

Hare of the Moon Astrology– I’m not particularly knowledgeable about astrology but I find such confirmation there. Find a good astrologer to add as a resource to your encouragement if that feels right to you. I’ve learned so much from Hare in the Moon Astrology.

So many, many more. There are many teachers and there is so much to learn. Each of us will teach, each of us will learn. So many teachers I’ll never meet. Be open, seek, follow your intuition. Your most helpful teachers will be different than those that I connect with. Just know there are many. There is so much more light on this planet than darkness. The dark gets a lot of press but light is the power. Love will prevail. Breathe that in and run forward into this new world we are building. I will see you there, everywhere. ❤️


Changes in world’s population based on skin tone– my comment in the writing about changing skin colors came from this article, which has interesting perspectives including the humorous comment about “pink supremacy.”😉
The changing colours of the world’s population


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  1. I am so glad to be sharing this world with you- at this time and space.
    Thank you for your healing and teaching, for all you have brought into the lives of those you meet.
    I feel the change. I feel the love. I am aware of the fear around me but choose not to participate.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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