In 2012, we all heard about the end of the Mayan calendar…. lots of todo about the end of the world. The Mayans didn’t predict the world would end, they saw that as a beginning of a new era. As an energy sensitive, I felt the energies shift then. Every year since, the energy has changed more and more. Life force energy, Universal energies and the energy I use in healing- all one and all grew stronger. Psychic abilities were magnified.  Intuition was expanded. People who didn’t previously have psychic experiences were finding these skills opening in them. Time and the ways we manifest change both seemed to accelerated dramatically. I know there are many interpretations of this new energy and the new awakened world. What follows is just my best understanding from intuition, guides and mentors.

A new era is on us and we all are feeling the pressure of change. If you watch the news, you hear about political corruption, systemic racism, illness and more. But the positive news that isn’t covering… that is that we are experiencing this global awakening. If you focus on fear rampant in the media, you are disempowered. To experience the unfolding of awakening, you must step back from the fear… yes, step back and let it go.

What is awakening?
Awakening to me is each of us awakening to aspects of life that we previously didn’t see or value. It is a time when our ego is released and our hearts are engaged. You are more than just the body you live in. There is a part of you that goes on after the body is worn out. Awakening is connecting with that spiritual aspect of yourself that is eternal, powerful, wise and can help our struggling world. Awakening is understanding we are all the same on the spiritual level- no one more important, no one more powerful even with piles of money and stuff. When we can embrace the oneness in spirit, we can begin to view other people, the animals, the plants, our Earth as so much more important than money or things. There’s more… but this is a good beginning.

The world is shifting from the old paradigm of money and power to a new one, based on love, kindness, compassion, sustainability and equality. If you hadn’t heard this before, take a deep breath. It’s hard to imagine such a world, I know but it is the world that is opening to us. Over the next 10 years, all of us will become more aware of how broken the old paradigm is… and learn of new ways to build something better.  People will learn that we are not really independent entities trying to scrape out an existence. Together, we will recreate this world in love.

The old world is called by some 3D world.  In 2012, the energy began shifting to 4D. At the winter Solstice, 2020, we were gifted 5D energy. This 5D energy means that each of us can access energy, manifest things, change ourselves, elevate our thinking… and we can help others do the same.

Many people are intuitive, psychic, energy sensitive. You know them/us. We hang out at psychic fairs because that’s the only place we can talk about these new energies while the rest of the world sees us as “woowoo.” Hanging out in our little tribes was fine until 2012. Then more and more people began sensing the new energies without understanding what’s going on.

Heightened sensitivity with no understanding of the cause feels a lot like anxiety. You feel different. The world seems to be going so fast. Your mind can run away with you because you’re on new ground with no understanding. You watch the news seeking some information and you are filled with fear and despair. Does this sound familiar at all? New energy requires new perspectives. You likely won’t find the new perspective on the news.

Where can you go to learn? Well, come to the woo woo side. 😉

I am one of many, many all over the planet who are working to support this awakening in our world. There are many working to help people understand the changes that are happening and what it all means. To be all you can be now, it’s time to evolve. This means learning different ways to look at the world and your purpose in it. It means learning how to care for your body, mind and spirit, letting go of old emotional trauma and opening to your new abilities.

By 2019, I felt like I was on high alert. I was being nudged to be more open about my alternative healing techniques. There was such an urgency for me to do that. I started doing public sound baths, opening the door to inviting people into this aspect of healing. When the chance to open a new office, where I would have space to do healing modalities that I don’t have space for at home, I jumped at it.

While 2020 did not turn out to be a particularly great time to open a new business, having that office got me moving. I felt like I had the pieces to a puzzle but wasn’t sure how they all fit together. I took the time during our shutdowns to study breathwork and go deeper into somatic therapies (using the connection between mind and body to help people manage their mental health, past traumas and recovery from addition thru energy, sound, meditation and breathwork.) I studied the 5D energy and how it affects my healing work and our body’s energy system.

If you are interested in exploring this new energy, our new world, please connect with me. I offer one-on-one services to teach you skills you can use to help release your old emotional baggage, to pull in new energy, to heal yourself- body mind and spirit. Come in and try a ReSet session, where I use 5D energy, the elements, sound and breathwork to help you clear your old energy. I offer gatherings, workshops and one-on-one sessions to help you heal, open and rise to the awakening world around you. Yes, most of these services have a fee because this is how I make a living. But I am open to barter and other ideas if you are seeking.
If you are here, you came to help. Now is the time and you are ready.

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