beyond coffee and wine

I think I’ve learned that the weekend before Thanksgiving is just too close to our holiday fun frenzy. So I’m canceling the class because you and I all have a bit too much to do right now. Will schedule this one again… maybe in January when we all need some additional “cleansing”?


No one is suggesting you give up your coffee or wine.  😉 Instead of coffee or wine… maybe there’s something more natural to help you feel calm, balanced and happy sometimes?

We have become a society where we choose additives to adjust our mood. Sometimes your body is really asking for something else. We will explore new ways to support your body chemistry with natural suggestions to help you balance mood, boost energy and reward yourself in healthier ways.

The workshop is based on research from a variety of sources offering a deeper understanding of how your nervous system works, what imbalances might affect mood and energy levels and a wide varieties of natural ways to seek healthier balance through food, movement and calming practices.

Cost $35
Reserve your space with credit card or PayPal.  Thanks.