chakra workshop

Care and feeding of your chakras- an in-person class

$ 77.00
Nov 22, 1:30pm at 405 WELLNESS,

If you’re not totally clear on what chakras are and how yours are doing, you aren’t alone. But having a basic understand of chakras can be a helpful and fun way to increase your self care in our transformative times.

We’ll cover the basics of your energy system and explore the chakras in practical, simple terms. You’ll learn some cleansing and clearing techniques with water, with stones and crystals and with tuning forks, plus ideas for foods that boost chakra energy. All easy, all simple, all safe. Energy healing is a wonderful practice, as you can’t cause harm… only help.

Cost of class includes a $45 kit of crystals (clear quartz, 2 kyanite blades, amethyst, 2 garnets, emerald, black tourmaline, citrine point, orange calcite, chrysocollas and fluorite), a 528hz tuning fork, plus activator and case. All crystals are in their rough state as shown in the photo. You will also receive a pdf copy of a booklet that explains everything we cover in class so you have a reference to continue caring for the chakras long term.

I hope you’ll join me for this in-person class, offered at 405 Wellness, 405 3rd St NE, in downtown Canton OH. Class meets Saturday, Nov 22, 1:30pm. Class size is limited so we can all maintain safe distance. The wellness center is required to have all wear masks.