group meditation

Group meditation is coming to an end. I know we’re all busy. My schedule has gotten busier too. So, I’ll still do special meditation events. I’ll still popup after public yoga at the Flea. Might popup other places. But our monthly group is dissolving.

Final session is Friday, Sept 20th.  Bring a cushion if you have one (that sofa cushion is fine, a sturdy pillow, folded up blanket or yoga mat) or borrow one of ours. We have chairs if you’re not a floor-sitter.


3rd Friday of the month at 5:30pm.

Groups meet at 6th Street Yoga, 214 6th St NW, Canton OH. Parking on street is free after 5pm.

All groups are funded by your donations. I split your donations with the yoga studio to help cover costs. Suggested donation is $10 however, I never want money to be a reason you don’t come. If you bring the family, kids, your mama… just pay what makes sense or works for you. You put your donation in a box on the way in anonymously. Some can pay more and some can’t. That’s fine with me.  Come join the chill.