healing drum circle

A healing drum circle is a place to learn, to create and to heal- yourself and the world. You need no skills or equipment to join in. I can share rhythms from the heart, from the elements and we can create rhythms together. We all learn to create a voice of oneness.  We are here to create healing energy for the participants and for the world. Part of the time, the group is facilitated by me and at the end we do a time of free form energy and sound creation.

You can bring a drum of any sort (frame, native american, djembe, conga, or a pot from the kitchen and a wooden spoon) or I’ll have extras and some percussion instruments here. . Group size is limited so we all have healthy distancing so either sign up online or let me know you’re coming.. There will be a suggested cost of $10 or pay as you wish.. The wellness center is required to ask everyone attending to wear a face mask.

Events with tickets available are  May 16th, 2pm and July 18, 2pm.

Photo credit Simonmayer | Dreamstime.com