healing drum circle

A healing drum circle is a place to learn, to create and to heal- yourself and the world. You need no skills or equipment to join in. I can share rhythms from the heart, from the elements and we can create rhythms together. We all learn to create a voice of oneness… like being part of a choir with no soloist. It is not a place to show us how talented a drummer you might be. We are here to create healing energy, that is the talent we’re cultivating as a circle. Part of the time, the group is facilitated by me and at the end we do a time of free form energy and sound creation.

You can bring a drum of any sort (frame, native american, djembe, conga, or a pot from the kitchen and a wooden spoon) or I’ll have extras and some percussion instruments here. There will be a suggested cost of $10 for those who can pay. Group size is limited so we all have healthy distancing. If you want to come and can’t pay, just message me and I’ll save you a seat. The wellness center is required to ask everyone attending to wear a face mask.

Sunday, Oct 11, 2pm at 405 Wellness, 405 3rd St NE in downtown Canton OH.. If the weather is nice, we have a great outdoor space we could use in the afternoons.

Future events planned for
Nov 8, 2pm
Dec 6, 2pm

Photo credit Simonmayer | Dreamstime.com