meditation and painting workshop

This isn’t your typical painting class. I want to help people experience that the joy in painting is in the creative process. We create for the fun of the activity, the calming repetition of putting brush to paper. It has little to do with the end result.
So many people don’t express their creativity because they feel that only a select few have “real” talent. That isn’t true. Everyone has creativity in them and the act of expressing yourself in creative ways is calming and often healing. When you were 5 years old, you were an artist. You would boldly paint portraits of your whole family. (hint, I won’t ask you to do anything so challenging as your 5 year old might be too deeply hidden. 😉) Often, people don’t create because they focus on the results and not the joy of the activity

I won’t promise you a masterpiece. I will promise you a fun, enlightening, meditative experience.

We’ll be outdoors at the lovely Plent Family Farm,, 7971 Market Ave N, Canton, Ohio 44721. There will be a tent if weather isn’t perfect. I plan that we’ll explore a bit, meditate a bit, then have some fun playing in paint. Wear clothes that you won’t be upset with a spot of two of paint on them. Bring water. All supplies provided.

Class limited to 9 people (based on current group size limitations). We will be outdoors but will maintain social distancing. I’ll be wearing a mask when I have to be closer to you than 6 feet.  The signup button takes you to my JourneyStudios online store to pay.



Note, we are planning events for small, socially distanced groups only. We encourage attendees and instructors to wear masks, especially on entering our wellness center.

Please check your temperature before coming. If you don’t feel well, do not come. If you’ve been around someone who doesn’t feel well, please don’t come. As restrictions on gathering are relaxed, we still must take care to help protect the health of each other. We want to gather safely as we know the pandemic isn’t over.