New moon drum meditation

Celebrate the new moon with me!

The new moon is a time of rebirth or new beginnings- a perfect time to make a fresh start. For me, it’s the time I pause to check in with where I’m at, where I’m headed and to consider necessary adjustments.

Join me and I’ll share some new moon traditions with you. We can set some intentions then stretch out while I drum in the shamanic tradition. This drumming will take you on a meditative journey, where you might find new insights into your intentions and perhaps just a deep calming time to restore and recharge.

With the current changes in Covid19 cases,  I’m not doing in person events until the new year.  Hopefully we’ll be back soon with in-person, small gathering but for now… let’s stay home and stay safe.

I am hoping to do a Dec 20th event live online. I haven’t figured out the details yet but will post those as soon as I do.

New moon drum meditation  is also available online pre-recorded to play whenever you wish.  Pricing is $20 or pay as you wish/ as you can.  That means you pay what you can, including $0. I want us all to focus on self-care and wellness as we can, and some are still facing financial challenges.
Here’s the link to sign-up for the online event. 

Future events
Nov 15, Sunday, 2:00pm
Dec 20, Sunday,  4pm– I hope to do this event live online. Not sure which venue will work best. Will update soon.

Note, when permitted we plan events for small, socially distanced groups only. We encourage attendees and instructors to wear masks, especially on entering our wellness center.

Please check your temperature before coming. If you don’t feel well, do not come. If you’ve been around someone who doesn’t feel well, please don’t come. As restrictions on gathering are relaxed, we still must take care to help protect the health of each other. We want to gather safely as we know the pandemic isn’t over.