Sound bath

Join me for this time to heal, relax and restore. I love sharing healing tones from crystal and Tibetan bronze bowls mixed with the grounding rhythms of healing drumming to lead you through a unique, restful experience

The bowls use frequencies to touch body and mind, teaching and facilitating your letting go and creating space for new healing. The drum brings you a grounding rhythm, then gracefully leads your brain waves into a deep, natural meditative state.

I’m taking a break from in-person events until the new year. .
Since the virus is spiking in our area, we want us all to play things safe by staying home and healthy. I offer the online concert for $20 but there’s also a pay-as-you-wish/can option, meaning you can pay $20, $15, $10 or $5. Hopefully one of those amounts will fit in your budget.

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Future sound baths at 405 wellness, 405 3rd St NE, in downtown Canton Ohio. You’ll find plenty of off-street free parking. The practice is one hour and I welcome questions or discussion during a cup of tea after if you wish.
Note, we are planning events for small, socially distanced groups only. We encourage attendees and instructors to wear masks, especially on entering our wellness center.

Please check your temperature before coming. If you don’t feel well, do not come. If you’ve been around someone who doesn’t feel well, please don’t come. As restrictions on gathering are relaxed, we still must take care to help protect the health of each other. We want to gather safely as we know the pandemic isn’t over.

If you are nervous about attending a public event, I have a sound bath online. I ask that if you enjoy it that you pay what you wish. There is a link on the youtube page to make payments.