Sound bath- a healing, calming experience

Sound bath with Suni MoonWhat’s a sound bath?
I’ve studied the healing power of sound for many years. I use sound as part of my own meditative journey and for clients in my private practice. Several years ago, I began offering sound baths or sound immersion experiences.

My intention is to help those in attendance to truly experience how vibration and rhythm can affect their bodies, minds and spirits. The events last an hour and a quarter with time set aside afterward for a cup of tea, questions and I encourage people to try these instruments if they’d like.

We begin with just a few minutes of explanation. I’ll play chimes and rainstick, move on to Tibetan bowls then crystal bowls with a bit of chanting and other vocals. These tones all can have a strong effect on the physical- body and mind.  I switch to the drums, playing some healing rhythms on the djembe then  launching into shamanic drumming on a frame drum for deep meditation and perhaps even journeying. The event ends with the bowls calling participants back to the present, back to their bodies.

The event can take place with participants lying on yoga mats or comfortably seated. Group size is only limited by space and acoustics of the room. If you have interest in this sort of experience, watch the events page or sign up for my monthly newsletter and i’ll keep you posted.

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