Weekly meditation events

Weekly meditation is back and online while we practice social distancing for health. Visit Suni Moon wellness on Facebook to join in live or after. I’m also planning to upload the videos to my YouTube Channel for those non-social media types.

Midday Chill, lunch hour meditation
Tues and Thurs at 12;15
We’ll practice simple styles of meditation that you can use to calm down on cue and also touch on some deeper or more traditional practices

Reset- meditation and recovery
Tues, 6:30pm, Learning to get out of your head and to calm yourself is a critical skill in making positive life changes happen. You might think you can’t meditate, but you can. I hope you’ll join us. This isn’t a 12 step meeting, just time for like minded people to practice important skills to thrive in healthy lifestyles. Recovery might mean you’ve given up a drug or alcohol, unhealthy eating, shopping, gambling or just are trying to loosen the grip of anxiety or depression. We’re not your therapist or your sponsor but we do understand. By donation

Friday Happy Hour meditation
Friday 5:15

Stop by after work and celebrate the end of the work week with a half hour of calming, clearing meditation practice. , $5