Weekly classes

New weekly classes starting the week of October 19, 2020

These classes are offered at 405 Wellness, 405 2rd St NE in downtown Canton. We’re hoping to catch locals during lunch or afterwork.  Classes will be broadcast online and meet in-person at 405 Wellness EXCEPT when Stark county is in Covid Red warning. Then we’ll be online only

Tues, 5:15pm- Meditation with suni
Thurs, 12:15pm- Qigong with Rich Plant
Friday 12:15pm- Meditation with suni.
Class cost is $5 or as you can pay.  We intend to keep group size small so there is plenty of healthy distance.  Classes will be 25-30 minutes in length.

Qigong is a ancient practice from China. It is moving meditation where you learn to calm yourself with breath, movement and working with energy. Qigong requires no experience and can be done in any comfortable clothes. The practice is easily adapted to be done in a chair if needed.

Your instructor, Rich Plant is a knowledgeable and well-loved teacher. He has been offering qigong classes in our area for a long time but this is the first time we’ve gotten to work with him at 405 wellness.  You’ll find Rich’s classes to be easy, relaxing and energizing.

Meditation is another word for “learn how to calm yourself” an essential skill in our transforming times. Suni has decades of experience and will share a variety of techniques in hopes that you’ll find some ways to calm that are easy for you.
Free parking on the street or in the lot just east of our building. Enter thru the double doors at the front of the building.