wordy, too many choices. I got stuck in a brainstorming swirl and ended up with this way too long list. I should edit it before asking for opinions but what if I edit the best one out? So… If/when you have time, read on thru the list and pick 1 or two or three and let me know what you like. Or reading these might give you a better idea. I will talley the results and make a decision, honest. No rush… and if it’s too much, or you’re too busy, don’t worry.

Name Meditation on/in/for/and recovery

Recovery through meditation, recovery with meditation   from Meg

Recovery, Meditation and Change

Self-recovery- meditation for the recovering addict

Rewire- meditation for recovery

Meditation for addiction recovery

The next level- meditation in recovery

Meditation for the Addict brain

Calm over addiction  – meditation in recovery

Peace in recovery- meditation practice

Balance- meditation in recovery

Choose- meditation in recovery

Rewire your brain- meditation in recovery or for the addict

Manage your mind- meditation in recovery

Make peace in your inner world- meditation in recovery

Mind over addiction- meditation in recovery

Reset- meditation for recovery

Meditation- an important tool in recovery

Meditation- calm for addiction and anxiety

Meditation- you beyond addiction

Calm down and meet the real you- meditation in recovery

Stay the path- meditation in recovery

Breathe- meditation to strengthen recovering addict

The quiet mind- meditation for recovering addict

More joy- meditation in recovery

Unhook from addiction- meditation in recovery

Breathe thru change- meditation in recovery

Release- meditation in recovery

Lose the suffering- meditation for the recovering addict

Freedom in recovery thru meditation

Change thru meditation- for addicts in recovery

Motivate thru meditation- for

Thrive- meditation in recovery

Grow not just cope

Peace thru meditation- finding your calm in recovery from addiction

The calm advantage- meditation for recovering addict.

Antonym of suffering

  • advantage
  • benefit
  • blessing
  • comfort
  • contentment
  • ease
  • favor
  • good luck
  • happiness
  • joy
  • pleasure
  • relief
  • health







Meditation for Recovery- in recovery, and recovery, on recovery. I don’t know. Vote?
So this is copy for the FB event and other ads. I welcome comments… I can babble on. 😉

Are you making changes in your life? Want to cope better with the emotions that arise as you eliminate alcohol, drugs, excessive spending, gambling or whatever other destructive behaviors you are rising above? Are you looking for skills to deal better with anxiety, depression, PTSD?

Meditation is a powerful tool to help you learn to manage your thoughts and emotions. AND if you are saying, “Meditation, I can’t do that” allow me to disagree. Meditation isn’t one tool, but a whole world of simple methods to help you calm yourself. These skills require some practice and that’s what this group/class is all about.

Join us Tuesdays at 6:30 at 405 Wellness and learn how to calm yourself in simple, practical ways. Suni Moon, your group leader, has decades of experience with meditation and with dealing with making positive change. The gathering is funded by your donations, as you can.

Come join us. We’ll sit on the floor so bring a cushion or yoga mat if you have one. If you need a chair, we have those too.

First gathering is March 10, at 405 wellness, 405 3rd St NE in downtown Canton. There is free parking on street or in our lot.


Notes from our meeting. Did I miss anything?

One-hour meeting format

Suni opens with just a short bit about why meditation works, and the role of being an observer

to your emotions and what we hope to accomplish? Might make sense for me to introduce the topics we’ll consider that night.

We decided not to open a discussion (which was brilliant, thank you very much) but to introduce a pair of topics for the attendees to consider intentionally in their meditation.

Some suggestions include:

On the darker side- anger, resentment, anxiety, depression, worrying, over-thinking,

To balance the scales- positivity, gratitude, visualization, hope, grounding, centering

So, maybe 15 minutes in the opening, 30 minutes meditation- part guided, part something else.

Movement, drumming, mantras, walking…. I’ve got a lot of them. Then we leave 10-15 at the end for optional comment or discussion. I am not the guru here… we all might be offering suggestions at this point, but we need to avoid that free-for-all mess that can happen. This will at least show us people who we know need some help. I’ll pull a list of local “help” resources, including AA and other A’s that we can give people who wish. I’ll also give them a basicmeditation handout in case we never see them again, they have some “notes” to work

Text me changes for whatever works.