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Mindfulness training for corporations, medical and higher education

“Mindfulness is now seen as a crucial skill in business. Meditation practices have the capacity to calm the mind, relax the body, boost resilience, and even increase situational awareness. The study of mindfulness — often defined as paying attention, nonjudgmentally and on purpose — is a regular part of the creativity and wellness culture at firms around the world.” *

Mindfulness training gives your team tools to build resilience in stressful situations and to help them interact with clarity, creativity and cooperation. Training in calming practices can be the “breath of fresh air” that your valued employees need to tackle their work with renewed energy and positive attitudes.

Training programs can be designed to suit your needs and budget. I can make a presentation to your group as a basic introduction. Followup can be weekly, monthly in your offices or at 405 Wellness in downtown Canton. Rates are based on time, travel and supplies.

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Recommendations from clients

Here’s a presentation on mindfulness done for a recent client workshop.

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*Link to Harvard Business Review article quoted