Massage therapy, energy healing and sound

I am a licensed massage therapist offering  traditional therapeutic massage in combination with energy healing and sound as the client wishes. Blending alternative therapies is a powerful solution as most physical challenges have an emotional and energetic aspect.

I am a master energy healer. This title doesn’t mean I can magically make illnesses vanish. Instead, energy healers create environments through thought, energy, sound, crystals and other methods so your body can get what it needs to promote healing. I believe that your body always wants to heal itself. An energy healer just helps boost your natural healing powers.

I’m a master energy healer in 5D times. The energy is shifting and expanded. I’ve worked in the past year to understand how these times changes how energy healing can be most effective. I’ve also done more recent training to understand how to best use this 5D energy in healing work. Crank up the volume, folks.

My energy training began in the 90’s with traditional Usui Reiki training. I attained a master/teacher levels in that tradition about 10 years later. I also have trained in Reconnective Healing with Dr. Eric Pearl, Hoʻoponopono with Hew Len, acupressure and auricular therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, Quantum Entrainment with Dr. Frank Kinslow, qigong, chakra balancing, sound healing therapy with Johnathan Goldman and others. I work with Emotional Freedom Techniques, Theta Healing, Vibrational Healing and am trained to use energy with animals. I go thru this long list so you understand that my experience with energy work is vast, deep and powerful.

I also work with crystals and healing stones as part of any healing work.  The stones have been my friends since I was a child. I’m that person who always comes back from a hike or a trip with rocks in my pockets. My training with the Lakota Sioux empowered my connection with the “stone people.” I work with all crystals and stones intuitively and encourage you to be empowered to do the same. Don’t avoid stones and crystals because you don’t feel like you know enough about them. The stones will reach out to you in their own ways.

Remote healing- Never has there been more interest in working remotely. I have decades of experience offering energy and crystal distance healing to clients all over the world. More recently, I’m exploring ways to offer sound therapy.  Clients are always surprised at the power of remote energy healing.

“I felt as if you were there with me in a kind and comforting way.  My anxiety melted away and I was able to focus with clarity much more easily. I’ve been sleeping better since our session.  I appreciate your sending me reminders of calming skills I can use on my own. Thanks SO much for helping me from afar.”  Cecelia, U.K.

Individual session
–  $95 for 1.5 hr, $70 for 1 hr–Book an appointment online.