one-on-one work

The heart of my work is working one-on-one with clients in my office at 405 Wellness in Canton, Ohio. I bring many years of training and working with thousands of clients.

With new clients, I’ll send you a quick questionnaire to fill out. It’s mostly for you to have a chance to think through some of the questions I might ask in our session. Of course, if there’s a particular issue or type of therapy you’re interested in, we go there. But for many, wellness isn’t a clearly understood area. Diet and exercise are part but wellness goes deeper.

Learn to:

    • calm yourself
    • create space for healing
    • explore your most authentic you
    • navigate personal change successfully
    • live a heart-centered life
    • tap into your higher wisdom, express your true self

Allow me to share with you:

  • meditation, mindfulness and other calming practices – more
  • sound therapy, energy healing, crystals and stones to help you calm and heal yourself- more
  • ancient shamanic practices and encourage you to find your unique power.
  • proven wellness practices to help you embrace your true, strong self capable of successful transitions and transformations.

Individual work– $70 / 1 hr, $40/ 1/2 hr