ReSet sessions

We’ve all been thru a lot.  You might feel tired, off-balanced, depleted, worried or just done! Sound like you? You might need a ReSet.

A ReSet session is an wonderfully refreshing, healing experience for you to allow your body, mind and emotions to calm, settle, release what isn’t needed and pull in a huge charge of fresh, positive healing energy.

A session goes like this. A client arrives and we sit down and talk for a few minutes about what is going well and also areas they might feel stuck or out of balance. If they are new to my work, I explain a bit about energy work, breathing practices, sound therapy, crystal and stone healing, aromatherapy, mindfulness and meditation and how all these experiences can work together. Each session with a client is different based on what they are seeking and what I intuitively sense might be most effective.

The client can pick out a few stones or crystals that call out to them, to hold or place on their body, then they stretch out on a cushioned mat on the floor (or on a low therapy table if accessing the floor isn’t possible.) We get you comfy with cushions and a blanket and then we start.

I first lead you thru a breath work practice which involves conscious breathing… breathing in a certain way following my lead. The breathing gets your energy system flowing and often you can sense your body’s energy by tingling sensations. Paying attention to the breath allows the mind to settle. I use essential oils or smudging to bring in extra power from nature. I use music and/or rhythm to support you in this breath work. I also offer energy healing as you’re breathing. As we work, the breathing pattern is shifted from active breathing or a more passive then back to natural breath. At this point, you’ll feel nicely relaxed.

Once you’re all energized yet chill, I use sound therapy- tuning forks, crystal bowls, Tibetan bronze bowls, percussion, gongs, chimes… allowing the vibration to help shift the vibration in your body and allowing you to rest at a deep, healing level.

The session wraps up with a gentle calling you back to awareness with bowls, voice and encouraging words. We then talk about the experience, what you might want to share with me and what you might like to explore in our next session.

Cost for a ReSet session is $70 for 1 hr, $95 for 1.5 hr.