sound therapy

We are vibratory beings in a world of vibration, Sound therapy involves creating powerful vibration through bowls, bells, chimes, tuning forks, voice and drumming to shift the vibration of your body, mind and even spirit.

I have studied sound healing therapies for many years but for the first time, with my new space at 405 wellness, I have room to share what I’ve learned.

Individual sessions
offer you the unique experience to have a sound bath made just for you. We work on the floor or on a low table with Tibetan bronze bowls, crystal bowls, tuning forks, crystals and more. These instruments are played near you and in some cases on your body. The sounds affects the energy body, that space in and around your physical body, as well as your physical, emotional and spiritual self.

Sound therapy can be done remotely. You and I discuss what challenges you are facing and agree that a session is in order. I then record a sound therapy session for you, including healing energy. I send you the recording to use as needed. These recordings are most effective with headphones or high quality speakers. Always use care when listening to recordings thru headphones. Higher volume doesn’t increase effectiveness.

Cost. $35 for a half hour, $65 for an hour. Contact me for an appointment

Group sound baths are scheduled monthly at 405 wellness and at other locations in the area.   Check the events page for dates, times and cost. 

What is a sound bath?

A short video on what crystal bowls are and why you might want to spend some time with them and me. 

How I use tuning forks in my work