sound therapy- individual sessions

If you’ve experienced a sound bath, then you know how your body can be affected by sound. Imagine the same sorts of vibrations set up just for you.

Individual sound therapy sessions allow you to lie down with the bowls, chimes, and drums surrounding your body. The session is designed to help create the effect your body, mind and spirit need. The client lies on a padded floor surrounded by bowls so the vibrations are so effective. The bowls, bells and chimes tend to cleanse the body, relaxing tensions. Healing drumming offers  comfort to the body, connecting to earth elements but also creating a steady rhythm which slows brain waves thru entrainment, allowing you to reach deep levels of meditation easily.

Sessions are $35 per half hour and $65 per hour.
I am also open to barter, sometimes. I like everyone, have bills to pay but I am open to discussing trades to help people get the help they need.

We have canceled all group gatherings for now. I am still accepting individual appointments from clients I know. I encourage you to assess your health and who you have been exposed to carefully. The health of many over weighs the ease of the few. 

Contact me for times and we’ll get you on the schedule.