sound therapy

Sound is vibration and can lift you, calm you and help you heal.

Sound therapy sessions allow you to lie down with the bowls, chimes, and crystals surrounding your body. The session is designed to help create the effect your body, mind and spirit need.  tensions.

Sessions are $70 per hour, $95 for 1.5 hours.  I can also do two people at the same time. Cost for two at the same appointment is $125 per hour.

Small group sound baths are new for 2021.
Rather than wait for a group sound bath, I will schedule a sound bath at 405 Wellness for groups from 4-10 people. Cost is $30 per person. There is plenty of space in our large room to maintain social distancing.
To respect the other practitioners at 405 Wellness, I can schedule Tuesday or Saturday evenings or anytime on Sunday. Contact me to set up a special sound event.

If you’d like to host a sound bath at your venue, here’s some info on that.

Contact me for times and we’ll get you on the schedule.