wellness coaching

Wellness is so important to being your best you. Wellness is a broad topic including physical, emotional, spiritual, career, environmental and social aspects. It’s worth taking the time do an honest self-assessment about your wellness and then to learn the best ways to implement needed changes.

Do you need a wellness coach? Only you know the answer to that question. My job is to be here for you as a resource in your wellness journey.

A good place to start might be with my Wellness Survey. There are 35 easy questions in 7 different categories to help you see what areas of wellness might need work. Take the survey, submit and see your results immediately. If you give me your email, I’ll send you a chart of your results and some resources that I’ve found helpful. The followup letter isn’t automated so it might take a day or so for me to get this to you.

If you’re interested in coaching, here’s some  ways to work with me.

Be Well- my private Facebook group- free
Being part of the FB group has advantages for you and for me. I give you my most recent info, blog posts, classes and I get your responses to them. You also become part of a small community. I’m there regularly but not all the time, of course. You all get to become a sort of coach for each other, perfect training to become your best self-coach.

Online group wellness coaching– monthly fee (coming soon)
This private page on the website offers access to the private Fb group plus:
-1 video conference per month
-Discount on in-person and online classes.
-Email weekly with interesting articles

One-on-one coaching
Coaching packages include benefits of the above groups plus private coaching time with me thru video conferencing plus email. First meeting is a free consult for each of us to determine that we’ll work well together.  I look forward to discussing how you can find more You in your life.  Contact me