group wellness coaching

Online group wellness coaching

Group coaching is a monthly subscription that gives you access to a private section of the website. Cost is $20 per month. You can decide to subscribe for more than a month and you can cancel at any time.*

Subscription gets you (same benefits from free FB group :

  • First access to my wellness posts.   I’ll be there to lead and monitor the  group regularly but you can also post with your comments and questions.  So I share ideas and new practices in wellness but you also learn how to self-coach and share your ideas with the group.
  • First access to new blog posts and new videos
  • Live FB feeds on topics that you choose. My goal is to cover topics most important to you. The advantage to me is to get your feedback on my work before I publish to the world. I advise you but you get to advise me also.
  • First announcement of Be Well Workshops!I run workshops locally and am also available to put on workshops for business and small groups. Get first chance to sign up for public workshops.


  • 1 video conference per month… submit questions ahead- per month
  • Discount on in-person classes. Online classes coming soon and you’ll get a discount on those too.
  • Email weekly with interesting articles
Subscribe and be billed $20 per month. Cancel at anytime.*

*when you cancel an online subscription, you still have access for the remainder of the month. There is no refund for partial months.