healing drum practice

So glad you joined me for healing drum circle. This is a new adventure for me so in time, I’m sure there will be more resources here for us all but for now…

The rhythms we work on at the circle aren’t magic. They are a starting point. The goal is to get you familiar with using a drum to calm and focus your energy to help yourself and others. In time, you’ll be making up your own rhythms that work best for you. These are just your step one in building your relationship with drumming.

I handed out this sheet with the element rhythms written out. This might help some, especially if you read music. But it’s just one tool and if it’s not your jam or you can’t make sense of it, no worries. It’s my goal when I teach to provide the info needed by all the learning styles.

Here are some practice tracks for the Elemental Rhythms we worked with on Sunday, Oct 11. They’re just intended to be little reminders for you to pull out what rhythm might help you with your day.

Earth rhythm–  for when you seek the nurturing, abundance, welcome or sense of home of mother earth. Great if you need grounding, calming or centering.

Mineral rhythm– mineral is about resource, either in the physical realm or by way of people. There is a lot of energy here for stories, relationships, history and dreams

Nature rhythm– nature is magic, transformation and a mover of obstacles. Think to play nature rhythm when you’re in need a energy to lift, change or find solutions beyond “reality.”

Water rhythm– water is that unique, rolling rhythm. It’s a wonderful meditation but also healing and helps with reconciliation, cleansing and clearing.

Fire rhythm– fire is passion, inspiration, clear vision, motivation and for some can be a bridge to the spirit world. Use that fire rhythm to energize and inspire.

I learned these elemental rhythms from Toby Christensen. He has an album of these rhythms and many other recordings available also. Toby’s website is HealingDrummer.com
Toby studied with an elder from the Dagura tribe from Burkina Faso in Western Africa. The original rhythms used by the Dagura people are much more complex. Toby simplified the rhythms for teaching us in the west with the blessings of his teacher.