Modern shamanism

That title says a lot to some and might sound a bit strange to others. I am trained in many healing and guiding practices of shamans from many parts of the world and many times. It is not my goal to pretend to be the person those men and women are. Instead, I want to share with you the spirit of the work they do, instruct you and allow you to experience rituals and ceremonies.

Most of my work in this area uses pieces of ancient traditions and also bits from my world now. Practices, herbs, songs, experiences are built on what we are facing, our local world and our intuition and heart’s desires.

At this point, I offer a drumming group monthly that explores healing with rhythm. I also host new moon and full moon ceremonies as local health requirements allow. Some of these ceremonies are also available as online classes. My hope is that you’ll experience a ceremony with me and be inspired to create your own that meets your strengths, desires and experiences.

Check events calendar to see if there are in-person events scheduled. Also explore online classes to see what might call out to you. That class list is expanding regularly.