My background is in meditation and healing.  breath work and massage therapy. In class, i lead a slow yoga practice, with time for guided meditation, conscious breathing, sound therapy AND glow, gentle movement. These classes might appeal to:

  • nervous newbies,
  • those with dusty mats because of with busyness or injury *
  • folks who been on the planet a good long time like me *
  • anyone seeking tools for body and mind to help with anxiety or trauma ( after 2020, that might include all of us.)
  • those wishing to explore meditation, breath work, sound along with their asana practice.

Group classes
I teach  Thoughtful Yoga– an experience of meditation, breath work, sound, along with slow asana practice (the yoga poses) .
Thoughtful yoga classes meet Monday 6pm and Wednesday at noon. Classes are 1  to 1.25 hours long and cost $12. *
Pay and reserve your space online or drop-ins welcome.


Private class
Sometimes you need some one-on-one time with a teacher. As a massage therapist, fitness trainer and yoga teacher, I understand the body’s challenges with injury, lack of activity and aging.*

  • Know yoga might help your range of motion or balance but not sure how to begin?
  • Coming back from injury and need a modified yoga practice?*
  • Brand new and feel like you don’t know where to begin?

I’d love to help you get on your mat.
1 hour- $60- You are welcome to bring a friend to your private class,, same price. Book your private class online. IF there’s not a time there that works for you, contact me and we’ll find a time.

Workshops- 1.25- 1.5 depends on questions and conversation

Candle lit slow yoga
Enter a candlelit studio with music playing. Begin your practice with a grounding, calming meditation with conscious breathing, then on to a slow yoga practice, settle into a long savasana with more breathing and sound.  Get called back with the sound of crystal bowls and a cup of tea.  $25

June 26, 7pm- Reservations

*Anyone with a medical condition should first check with your physician about yoga. Our classes are generally slow with modifications offered. The student must know what they can or should do. This info on activities to avoid often comes from your physician.