mindful kindness workshop

I’ve taught mindfulness for years. But recently I attended a workshop on mindfulness thru self-compassion and it really changed my practice. This awareness of kindness and self-compassion can help you dig a bit deeper into stressors and also can really help you use mindfulness as an effective calming tool.

Mindfulness calls us into this moment. This can be a real relief when this moment is reasonably calm. But in times of high stress or anxiety, we can need more. Extending kindness and compassion to ourselves is sometimes a new skill. But with a bit of practice, we can learn to practice mindfulness to comfort and calm ourselves, building energy and resilience to face life with a smile.

Learn simple calming practices that anyone can use. These do not require a lot of time but gain power with practice. Mindful kindess is a time to check in with yourself, providing comfort, assurance and ncouragement as needed. Learn to be the observer of your thoughts and discover ways to choose your actions, not just react. Simple tools for trying times. Join me.

Cost $35