about suni

My favorite thing is knowing that I can teach others simple skills that empower them to thrive in life.         Okay, I like a really good tamale too? 😉
First, I learned about wellness, energy, sound healing and other alternative therapies to find my health, authenticity and joy in life. Now sharing skills with you is my role in helping to help build a better world..

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Let me know how I can help you find more calm, health, satisfaction… more you in your life. I work at 405 Wellness by appointment only.

Regular hours
are Monday 12-6:30pm, Tuesday 12-6pm, Thursday 10-3pm,  Friday 12-6:30pm.  You can book an appt during regular hours online. I am also available other hours and on weekends. Let me know what times might work for you if my regular schedule can’t work for you. Email me thru the form below. or text 330-232-1888. Thanks!!

405 Wellness is at 405 3rd St NE, Canton OH. Park on the street or in the lot just east of our building.

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