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Yes, we are in transformative times and change can throw us off-balance. Our positive attitudes and intentions in these times make all the difference. Many years ago, I turned to building wellness and resilience through alternative healing therapies seeking new ways to be my best me. I now share the skills that changed my life– bringing more clarity, authenticity, peace, healing and joy.
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about suni

My favorite thing is knowing that I can teach others simple skills that empower them to thrive in life.         Okay, I like a really good tamale too? 😉
First, I learned about wellness, energy, healing and alternative therapies to find my health, authenticity and joy in life. Now sharing skills with you is my role in helping to help build a better world..

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Let me know how I can help you find more calm, health, satisfaction… more you in your life. I work at 405 Wellness by appointment only. Many of my services are also available remotely.
Regular hours
are Monday and Tuesday 12-6pm, Thursday 10-2pm,  Friday 12-5pm.  I am also available other hours and on weekends. Let me know what times might work for you. Email me thru the form below. or call 330-232-1888. Thanks!!

405 Wellness is at 405 3rd St NE, Canton OH. Park on the street or in the lot just east of our building.

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