about suni

I have worked as an energy healer for over 30 years. Since moving back to Ohio in 2001, my healing work has been paired with massage therapy, sound therapy, crystal healing, breathwork, yoga and other calming practices.

I am grateful to 1000’s of clients I have worked with over the years. Each of you helped me explore and expand my ability to call in energy and hold space toencourage healing, while teaching you new skills and offering encouragement all along the way.

I am a master energy healer– began training in 1990 in Usui reiki which I reached the highest level 10 years later, training slowly and carefully to be fully ready to embrace each higher plane. There are many schools and traditions of energy healing beyond those taught in Reiki. I am also trained in Reconnective Healing, Quantum Entrainment, Ho’oponopono, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Theta Healing, Vibrational Healing, Qigong, sound therapy and more.

I have a particular passion for sound therapy– using a collection of Tibetan bronze bowls, quartz crystal bowls, tuning forks, gongs, chimes, bells, drums and voice to help you find calmness, balance and a connection to your higher wisdom thru sound baths and individual sound sessions.  I find that working with sound is my most powerful healing modality to help myself.– more

I have practiced meditation since I was 18 and have been teaching for the past 20 years. As with my other skills, I have studied many, many different styles of meditation with gurus, teachers and mentors from all over the world. Today, I more often talk to people about “calming skills” as most of us grasp the need to be able to calm ourselves even if the words meditation or mindfulness don’t resonate.
Most recently, I offer  HeartMath technology, a computer interface allowing you to see how calming practices affect your body and emotions. – more

I am a yoga teacher– specializing in slow yoga practices and combining experiences from different arms of yoga in my classes- meditation, conscious breathing, gentle movement and sound.  My Thoughtful Yoga classes are focused as much on stillness as movement, calming the nervous system, using muscles and stretching fascia. Classes are welcoming to beginners, those returning to yoga after a break or injury and to the “older and wiser” student. One-on-one sessions are available. Book here
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I have studied shamanism with many healers in Peru, Central America and the US including a holy man of the Lakota tribe. I am a pipe carrier with the Lakota people. I don’t  teach the practices of any one group but have blended rituals from many times and people with an added touch of quantum physics.  I use the wisdom of the ancients presented in more modern ways that might fit into our lifestyles and I encourage you to develop some rituals of your own.  Each of us has the power to create our own ceremonies to honor, heal, celebrate and learn to listen to voices of ancestors, spirit guides and our higher selves. I’d love to show you  more



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(some of you may have known as su nimon in years gone by. I still answer to su, suni or hey friend. ? )

A video introduction of what I do and why I do it.