about suni

I built a life that met society’s expectations as a successful corporate executive making plenty of money. On the outside, my world looked great but in my private life, I was empty, unsure, and unfulfilled. I ended up in a violent relationship and turned to alcohol as an escape. I put my suit on every day and went to work, leading a large division of a successful corporation but came home at night to fear and emptiness. I tried to never let the cracks in my successful façade show but toll on body, mind and spirit was severe.

In time, I left it all to find help. I began healing, restoring and rediscovering who I really was. What unique gifts and passions I had that I could use to make my dreams come true. That was 30+ years ago. I dove deeper into my life-long relationship with meditation, studying many styles with wise sages all over the world. I trained in energy healing, again in many traditions and lineages. I met shamans and holy people, learning their ways, ceremonies and rituals. I use their ways to find my own rituals to support and encourage myself in life.

My passion is to remind you that you are not your history. I wish to help you meet your wisest self, to find your medicine. I use the tools of meditation, mindfulness and other calming practices. I use the ancient practice of sound and energy to help create a healing space for you to calm and center yourself. I introduce you to the power of nature’s elements and some ancient traditions.  I lead groups, teach workshops, do one-on-one coaching and healing sessions and write.

I see clients at my office at 405 Wellness in Canton OH, write, teach online and work with clients all over the world. I am equally joyful to work in  corporate conference rooms or out in nature. I have helped 1000’s of people find growth, strength, passion, health and more joy in life.



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(some of you may have known as su nimon in years gone by. I still answer to su, suni or hey friend. ? )

A video introduction of what I do and why I do it.