Weekly classes-
I now teach 2 weekly Thoughtful yoga classes- Mon. 6pm and Wed. at noon at 405 Wellness- Details

Upcoming events

June 24, 6-8pm- Moon Healing Ceremony with Angi DeMatteis

June 25, 5-7pm, Open House at 405 Wellness 

June 26, 7pm- Candlelight yoga

July 2, 7:00pm – Sound bath- in-person at 405 Wellness

July 10, 6pm- Sound bath at SoBoHo

July 11, 2pm- Energy Healing class

July 18, 2:00pm- Healing Drum circle- in person

July 23, 6:30pm- Sound bath at Inner Whisper

Book your own  small group event or workshop with me. I can do a class or a sound bath for your group of 4-10 people. We will be in the large movement room so we can be healthy distanced. Details

There are also online events for those happy learning at home.



Recent classes

Self-care workshop– experience body, mind and spirit nurturing- now available online.

Quiet the inner critic workshop

Unwind your mind- Meditation workshop at Plent Family Farm

Reinvent yourself workshop

Mindful kindness workshop- now available online

Other workshops  classes that can be booked for your small group (4-10 people)