Sound baths for groups

Weekly classesOnline at 405 Wellness FB page until Stark county is out off Covid Red warnings. At that time we can return to having in-person drop in groups. Stay safe.

Tues, 5:15pm- Meditation with suni
Thurs, 12:15pm- Qigong with Rich Plant
Friday 12:15pm- Meditation with suni.


Upcoming events

There are also online events for those happier learning at home.

Nov 7,  Find Balance event at 405 WELLNESS

Nov 8 , Healing drum circle canceled this month.

Nov 15, New moon drum meditation available as online experience this month

Nov 20, Sound Bath at Inner Whisper Studio

Nov. 22- Chakra workshop  canceled this month

Dec 5,  Find Balance event at 405 WELLNESS, Enter soon!

Dec, 6, Healing drum circle – canceled

Dec 12,, Sound bath – canceled

Dec 21, New moon drum meditation – I’m hoping to do this one live online. Stay tuned.



Recent classes

Self-care workshop– experience body, mind and spirit nurturing- now available online.

Elemental Wisdom– a day long workshop exploring the 5 elements (earth, air, water, fire and spirit) and how they can be used in many ways to improve your life.

Quiet the inner critic workshop

Unwind your mind- Meditation workshop at Plent Family Farm

Reinvent yourself workshop

Mindful kindness workshop- now available online