I am here to help… as a healer, a teacher, a coach… in person or remotely.

I have a wide variety of skills. that I can use together for more positive results for my clients. For example, you might be seeking therapeutic massage with energy healing and sound therapy. Or you might have some health challenges you’d like to work on with a wellness coach who can also help with meditation, energy healing and self-care.

In- person appointments at my office in Canton OH are on hold for now. When local health conditions are favorable, we will resume with one-on-one therapies, group meditation, drum circles, workshops and corporate training.

Much of my work is also effectively done remotely. Energy healing, wellness coaching, meditation training, sound and crystal therapies can be effective without our having to be in the same room or in the same part of the world..

Services include:

  • Licensed massage therapist– offering therapeutic massage combined with energy healing, crystal healing or sound therapy. I also teach self-massage and self-care workshops. – more
  • Master energy healer– trained in Reiki tradition as well as qigong, chakra balancing, Hoʻoponopono, Quantum Entrainment, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Theta Healing, Vibrational Healing, Reconnective Healing. In these times of healthy distancing, know that energy healing is very effective at a distance. I don’t have to touch you, just chat or text with you to offer real help, wherever you are in the world. – more
  • Crystal healer– I’ve worked with crystals and healing stones for many years and often combine these gems with massage, energy work and sound therapy. I also teach classes to teach how to intuitively work with stones and crystals. Crystal therapy combines beautifully with distance energy healing too!- more
  • Sound therapist– I playTibetan bronze bowls, quartz crystal bowls, chimes, use voice, percussion, drums, tuning forks and digitally produced frequencies for calming, balancing and healing. I’m refining distance sound healing at this time.  – more
  • Meditation / mindfulness teacher– I have decades of experience in meditation, having studied with teachers, gurus, priests, doctors and others. My joy has been learning to distill traditional practices into methods more easily grasped by the beginner. I am equally comfortable teaching in schools, hospitals, yoga studios and corporate settings. I have recently added HeartMath technology as a means to help students gauge the power of calming practices– more
  • Wellness coach– as a wellness coach, my focus is teaching you to calm and center yourself to better connect with your inner voice or higher self. These skills are so important to successfully navigate change. I am also certified by HeartMath in their Intervention Program and have studied Somatic Approaches to Healing Trauma with Dr. Albert Wong. – more
  • Shamanic practices– I have trained with shamans from Central and South America, Africa and Native American traditions. I have assimilated what I’ve learned and apply it to the geography and times I find myself in. I use drumming for journeying and meditation and love to share the power of ritual and ceremony. – more
  • House clearing, blessings, weddings and other important ceremonies.
    I love to bring fresh energy to your home or business. Through group or individual gatherings, with words and smudging, we can clear and bless your home or business. I am a licensed minister and welcome helping you make your unique ceremony special. – more

Short videos explaining some of the therapies

Individual work
– $90 for 1.5 hr, $65 for 1 hr, $35 for 1/2 hr – in-person or remote work.

Goft certificates!Gift certificates available.

If working with me in a one-on-one session isn’t in your budget, please don’t walk away. There are group events and workshops, There are online courses (more coming) plus I am on social media regularly offering insights and sharing what I’m learning. I want to help, if I can. There are so many possibilities.
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I am at 405 Wellness by appointment.
Regular hours
are Monday and Tuesday 12-6pm, Thursday 9-2pm,  Friday 12-5pm.  I am also available other hours and on weekends. Contact me with times that can work for you. 

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Online courses

Contact me!  We can set an appointment to talk about your goals. I am happy to do a half hour consult with new clients at no charge. Or we can get right to work setting you on the road to a calmer, healthier, happier life.

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