I know from experience that we can find ourselves living lives that have no connection to the things we truly value. While we want to be “the master of our fate”, it feels more like our fate is mastering us. You are here for a purpose beyond making a lot of money and accumulating things. These purposes can only be found by you spending some quiet time with you. Calming practices and healing therapies can open doors to higher wisdom, helping us remember and listen to our dreams, our hopes, finding more peace, deeper meaning and greater joy in life.

My goals are:

    • to empower each of you
    • encourage you to explore alternative solutions to health and wellness
    • create environment where you can feel safe and open to receive help but find your own powers to create, calm and heal yourself
    • Open the door for you to learn to use some of my techniques on your own
    • To encourage you to explore and develop your own wellness practice that suits your lifestyle
    • To help you learn how to calm down, slow down, look within and find your higher self

Allow me to share with you:


Individual work– $75 for 1 hr, $40 for 1/2 hr

If working with me in a one-on-one session isn’t in your budget, please don’t walk away. There are group events and workshops (listed below), there are online courses (more coming) plus I am on social media regularly offering insights and sharing what I’m learning at no charge. I want to help, if I can. There are so many possibilities.

I am at 405 Wellness by appointment.
Regular hours
are Monday and Tuesday 12-6pm, Thursday 9-2pm,  Friday 3-6pm.  I am also available other hours and on weekends. Contact me with times that can work for you. 



Online courses

Short videos explaining some of the therapies

Corporate training– bringing mindfulness training to your site or at our beautiful facility

House clearings and blessings

Contact me!  We can set an appointment to talk about your goals. I am happy to do a half hour consult with new clients at no charge. Or we can get right to work setting you on the road to a calmer, healthier, happier life.

Here’s some photos that might tell my story better than words. Click on the first and you get a slide show option.