sound therapy

We are vibratory beings in a world of vibration. Even things we think of as solid and not moving, like the top of your desk have a vibration to them. Two vibrating objects affect each other through resonance and entrainment.

Sound therapy involves creating powerful vibration through bowls, bells, chimes, tuning forks, voice and drumming to shift the vibration of your body, mind and even spirit.

I have studied sound healing therapies for many years but for the first time, with my new space at 405 wellness, I have room to share what I’ve learned.

Sound therapy is available  in a private session or as a group sound bath.
Individual sessions are available by appointment. $40 for a half hour, $75 for an hour. Contact me for an appointment

Group sound baths are scheduled monthly at 405 wellness and at other locations in the area.   Check the events page for dates, times and cost. 

What is a sound bath?