corporate training

Wellness training for corporations, medical and higher education

Corporate wellness has become an important tool to help build strong, successful teams in business today. However, wellness is not always well understood. The concept  isn’t just about physical health, reducing illness and sick days, but also about mental and emotional health. Wellness training gives your team members tools to build their resilience in stressful situations and to help them interact with clarity, creativity and cooperation. Wellness training can be the “breath of fresh air” that your valued employees need to tackle their work with renewed energy and positive attitudes.

Programs begin with 1 hour introductory trainings and can expand to  full week training or monthly visits. The brochure gives an idea of costs. I’m glad to create a program that works for your environment/group and provide costs.

Corporate training brochure  with all details and pricing

Recommendations from clients

Here’s a presentation on mindfulness done for a recent client workshop.

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