Go ride a bike!

I’m a hiker. I love to walk, climbing thru the woods, regardless of season. Well, that’s true most of the time. I struggle in the steaming heat of summer. I step outside the door and feel smacked in the face with a wall of humidity and heat. So… it’s tough for me to motivate myself to get moving. Continue reading “Go ride a bike!”

“I’m too busy.” “I’m too tired.” “I don’t like to exercise.”

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Does one of these statements sound like you? I personally fall in the “I’m too busy” category so don’t imagine I’m here pointing a finger at you. Most of my blogs are actually written to me in hopes of ingraining more positive ideas into my psyche and in the process, I imagine I might help some of you too. Continue reading ““I’m too busy.” “I’m too tired.” “I don’t like to exercise.””