sound bath at Inner Whisper Studio

Join me for this time to heal, relax and restore. I love sharing healing tones from crystal and Tibetan bronze bowls mixed with the grounding rhythms of healing drumming to lead you through a unique, restful experience

The bowls use frequencies to touch body and mind, teaching and facilitating your letting go and creating space for new healing. The drum brings you a grounding rhythm, then gracefully leads your brain waves into a deep, natural meditative state.

Join me, at 6:30pm for a sound bath at Inner Whispers Studio, 4916 Hills & Dales Rd NW Canton, Ohio. The practice is one hour and I welcome questions or discussion during a cup of tea after if you wish.

Cost $30.  Sign up with Inner Whisper Studio
Events on Aug. 21 and Nov 20. Find the date on their schedule calendar, click on the date and ticket info appears.







What’s a sound bath?
Sound is a powerful force. A sound bath presents the opportunity for your body, mind and spirit to be immersed in vibrations and rhythms that can calm, cleanse, heal and lift your energy to a new place. Traditional meditation might require training of the mind and years of practice. Sound can take you to a deeper place by just allowing the vibrations in to do so. .

So come, experience sound, rhythm and the vibration of crystal bowls, bronze, bowls, rainstick, chimes, djembe, frame drum and voice. Each can vibe you in ways that are unique to you and your experience. The results can be that you get to go deeper, fly a bit higher, release, cleanse and heal whatever might be needed.

I have trained in sound healing for many years picking up my first bowl in the early 90’s. I have worked with meditators, healers and shamans from all over the world. Come enjoy as i share my collective experience with you.

Tickets are $30. Bring a yoga mat, blanket and pillow if you wish. If not, we’ll have some to share. Tickets

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