New idea for workshops. We’ve all wanted to take a class but the timing doesn’t fit our schedule.. Or we don’t hear about the class until it’s too late to sign up or we miss it altogether? Yeah, let’s make all that stuff go away.

I’m trying something different this year.
Here’s my list of classes.  You put together a group of 4 to 8 people total (that’s you plus 3 friends minimum), choose the topic you want, then contact me to schedule it. I send you a link so all your group can pay me online. Your class, with your friends, on your schedule! Sounds good to me too.

We’ll meet in the large room at 405 Wellness with plenty of room for healthy distance and we’ll wear masks because it’s a wellness center and that’s what we do.

My goal is to empower you by helping you connect with natural skills, energy, goals and dreams. Classes can be scheduled into my available time slots. Tuesday and Saturday nights and anytime Sunday are usually good. Other times can work too. Check with me and see.

wellness and calming

Unwind your mind
Using practical meditation, mindfulness and other calming techniques to practice how to chill yourself out. Techniques include: guided meditation, mindfulness, mantras, walking meditation, breathing practices and other fun. $25 per person

Treat yourself well- learn self care from a pro
Choose 4 self-care experiences and we’ll make a workshop out of them.
• mindfulness           • self-massage            • acupressure             • breathwork
• aromatherapy        • sound therapy         • guided meditation  •  Chakra clearing  •  Qigong                     • dry skin brushing*   • guasha*    These last two choices include some gear that you take home so each of those options is $10 more than the regular prices of $30 per person

Mindful Kindness
Our crazy world calls us to be kind to others AND to ourselves. Extending kindness and compassion to ourselves can feel like a new skill. But with a bit of practice, we can learn to practice mindfulness to comfort and calm ourselves, building energy and resilience to face life with a smile.- $25 per person

Sound bath- Join me for this time to heal, relax and restore. I love sharing healing tones from crystal and Tibetan bronze bowls mixed with the grounding rhythms of healing drumming to lead you through a unique, restful experience $30 per person

Care and feeding of your chakras
A basic introduction to your energy system, how to boost it, balance it, and appreciate it. Using sound, movement, crystals, food. Explore your body’s energy system using a bit of information from ancient traditions and modern discoveries- $25 per person

Using tuning forks to calm and heal
A tuning fork is a handy and simple sound healing tool. Take the class and learn about sounds and frequencies, how sound can work on your body, your aura. Heal yourself, work on each other if you want. And I’ll work with each of you too. Class includes a 528 hz tuning fork.  $40 per person

Breathing well- you didn’t know you needed a class for that?
Deeper breathing is a powerful way to shift your energy, mood, stimulate your lymphatic system and rid your body of toxins. We’ll explore basic diaphragmatic breathing, circular breathing and several styles yogic  pranayama. $25 per person

Healing with voice and sound
In class we explore how our voices can help our bodies and minds stay healthy and happy. We practice how words, sounds, rhythms and more can create feelings, energy and encourage good health. You are immersed in sound then have the opportunity to try Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, and other sound healing techniques. We’ll wrap the workshop up with a healing drum circle
$30 per person

Energy healing– Working with the energy system to heal is an ancient practice.  I am a reiki master but am not teaching that technique. There are many schools of energy healing. The method I’m teaching is one I’ve used on clients for decades. It’s simple to use and even to share if you wish.  $35 per person

Heart centered living
We are a society that value our brains. We think, think, think our way thru all sorts of challenges. And sometimes that same brain is the source of confusion or frustration by running a bit wild with worry or anxiety.
In this class, we’ll explore current research that shows that the importance of heart focus rather than the mind. As our world shifts from one run on money and power to one that embraces love and compassion, heart-centered living skills are timely. We’ll explore how our heart works with our brain and the rest of the body, heart and your emotions, how simple calming practices can allow your mind to send calming signals all over your body and explore be-ing vs do-ing. $25 per person

Explore your creativity

Meditative painting
Expressing yourself through painting is so much fun IF you get the basic concept, which is Let GO! You are not painting to make something beautiful, or something that people will approve of. You are simply creating, expressing, moving color around on paper. The true joy in art comes from the experience, not the result. All supplies provided. $35 per person

Creative journaling
Some of us are natural journalers, regularly recording wishes, dreams and goals. Others find writing more restrictive with grammar, spelling, rules and ugh. Creative journaling combines art, craft and writing to help launch you on a new journey to express yourself as self-care, stress-reduction and just plain fun. I ask students to bring a magazine that might have fun pictures to use in their work. All other supplies provided   $35 per person

Magic boxes- treasure boxes
Did you have a cigar box as a kid? I did. It had my favorite rock, a broken charm bracelet, sea shells, beach glass, secret notes and assorted other magic. Not something a grown-up would need, right?   Hahahahah!

I have boxes, paints and other odds and ends a plenty.  You bring any precious baubles, pictures, beads, quotes… who knows.  $35 per person

Mandala meditation– The mandala gives you a means to express yourself. The process of learning some simple drawing techniques (no experience or particular talent is needed) allows you to begin to explore the relaxing and meditative practice of drawing from your thoughts.  (Note- this is a fun class to take outdoors, especially in the summer and fall where instead of drawing, we create mandalas with flowers, leaves, stones and found items. $35 per person

Empowering thru nature and the elements

Find your medicine-
In tribal communities, children are taught about the power of nature, weather, elements, sounds, songs, rites and rituals. In our modern society, most of us never got that experience to explore the powers you have to calm, heal and celebrate yourself. This new series is something I’m just putting together… we’ll make it up as we go.
I have had the joy of learning from shamans, holy women and tribal communities from all over the world. They’re all different but rooted in the same simple powers. I’m taking what I’ve learned from others and combined it into something simple and shareable. Choose one subject below and I’ll share a bit of what I know to empower you.

  • Making rattles– sound sets a tone or a mood. We’ll make simple shaker rattles from gourds. $30 per person
  • Making sacred objects– We all have those special things we find or inherit in some cases. They are to be honored for their memories. Some objects can be made more sacred or honored by decorating. We’ll do some stone wrapping but you’re welcome to bring a stone or crystal of your own to honor. $25 per person
  • Smudging, so much more than sage. – I’ll review the history of smudging. What herbs, grasses, trees and flowers are used by different communities. We’ll burn some lovely herbs and I’ll let you know where to find supplies $20
  • Setting up your altar– your place for meditation and other magic- Churches have altars to hold the attention, holy objects and as a place of beauty during services. Your altar at home is exactly the same. A place where you put your sacred objects, light a candle, burn some herbs and meditate, pray and escape.  $20 per person
  • Your own ceremonies– I’ve learned rituals and ceremonies in many traditions but what I want to teach you is how to create a ceremony for your traditions. Creating a ceremony to honor friendship, your children growing into adulthood, your own successes or even a ceremony to release energy that isn’t serving you. It’s simple and fun and one more way to remind you of the power you have. $20 per person
  • Journeying– I will share with you the experience of journeying, a meditation done to a simple drum beat. The practice is used by shamans from time immemorial. Very restful, relaxing and often a good way to access your higher wisdom and to find creative solutions. $25 person

Interested? Contact me and we’ll get your fun time out on the calendar.